Key English Japanese
buttonLater Later
buttonShow Show
chartsTitle Charts
controlPanelMapHideButtonSubtitle Click to hide the map
controlPanelMapHideButtonTitle Hide map
controlPanelMapShowButtonSubtitle Click to show the map
controlPanelMapShowButtonTitle Show map
controlPanelScreenshotButtonSubtitle Click to share screenshot
controlPanelScreenshotButtonTitle Screenshot
dialogChartDataTypesTitle Chart types
dialogCloudAccountDisconnectMessage Disconnect this account?
dialogLoginPasswordHint Password
dialogLoginUsernameHint Username
dialogMapsChooseTitle Choose map
infoMeterModeHumidityMsg Ambient relative humidity as measured with the device or an external sensor.
infoMeterModeHumidityTitle Humidity
infoMeterModeRadiusMsg Beeline distance from the initial position of the track, i.e. displacement.
infoMeterModeRadiusTitle Radius
maptilerMapsFeatures 🔹 MapTiler maps
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menuMeterClockShowSeconds Show seconds