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dialogPowerWeightsWeightRider Driver Förare
dialogPowerWeightsWeightVehicle Vehicle Fordon
dialogPowerWeightsWeightWheels Wheels Hjul
dialogProfileAddInfo New profile will have its settings copied from the currently active profile
dialogProfileAddTitle New profile Ny profil
dialogProfileDeleteMessage Warning: This will remove profile settings and totals data. Saved tracks will be left intact.

Delete profile %1$s?
Varning: Detta kommer att ta bort profilinställningarna och totaldata. Sparade spår lämnas orörda.

Ta bort profilen %1$s?
dialogProfileDeleteTitle Delete profile Ta bort profil
dialogProfileEditTitle Edit profile Redigera profil
dialogProfileEditTotals Totals: Totalt:
dialogProfileSwitchMessage Tracking is active. Are you sure to switch to profile %1$s? Spårning är aktiv. Är det säkert att du vill byta till profilen %1$s?
dialogProfileSwitchTitle Switch profile Byt profil
dialogProfileTotalsResetMessage Reset profile totals to zero? Återställa profilens totala data till noll?
dialogResetMessage Save this track and prepare for a new one?
dialogResetNoTrackMessage No track was recorded. Reset the meters now?
dialogResetTitle Finish
dialogReviewNudgeMessage Are you enjoying Urban Biker?
dialogReviewNudgeMessage2 Thanks! Please write a nice review or rate us 5 stars on the Play Store.
dialogScreenAutoTheme Auto theme Auto-tema
dialogScreenBrightnessOverride Brightness
dialogScreenHudMode HUD mirror mode HUD spegelläge
dialogScreenOrientationAuto Automatic Auto-orientering
dialogScreenOrientationLandscape Landscape Liggande
dialogScreenOrientationPortrait Portrait Stående
dialogScreenOrientationReverseLandscape Landscape (reverse)
dialogScreenOrientationReversePortrait Portrait (reverse)
dialogScreenshotPreparing Preparing screenshot…
dialogScreenshotTitle Screenshot
dialogStoragePermissionRequest The app needs to access the storage so it can save or restore your tracks and settings.

Without giving the permission you won't be able to see tracks history or share tracks, and you could loose your data.


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