Key English Azerbaijani
pref_meter_enable_summary Show or hide this meter
dialogGpsIntervalNote Keep this value below 3 sec to get the most accurate readings and consistent behavior!
pref_meter_lock_title Lock mode
More accuracy, uses more battery
pref_meter_lock_summary Prevents change of mode on click
Less accuracy, uses less battery
pref_category_gps_interval_title GPS update interval
pref_meter_modes_select_title Choose available modes…
prefMapDiskCacheAgeTitle Map cache age limit
pref_category_stationary_exercise_title Stationary activity
pref_speedo_display_mode_title Appearance
prefActivityRecognitionNoteSummary These options rely on Android's physical activity recognition feature. It may not be accurate and can be laggy, use only if you are okay with that. Will work best when a speed sensor is used for distance and duration.
pref_category_autopause_title Auto pause
prefGnssActivityRecognitionTitle Reduce location noise
pref_category_resetPrompt_title Reset prompt
pref_speedo_display_mode_dialog_title Speedo appearance
prefGnssActivityRecognitionSummary Recognize standing still vs. moving for GPS. May introduce delays and some lost distance after a break, but will prevent most GPS noise.
dialogLocationPermissionRequestTitle Location permission