Key English Czech
prefScreenPocketModeDelayEntries_1 0.10 seconds
prefScreenPocketModeDelayEntries_2 0.20 seconds
prefScreenPocketModeDelayEntries_3 0.30 seconds
prefScreenPocketModeDelayEntries_4 0.40 seconds
prefScreenPocketModeDelayEntries_5 0.50 seconds
prefScreenPocketModeDelayEntries_6 0.75 seconds
prefScreenPocketModeDelayEntries_7 1 second
pref_mapsWeatherAnimateForecast_summary Also animate 30 minutes of radar forecast in different colors
summaryDeviceAutoPauseCount Auto-pause count
pref_screenAutoPocketModeDelay_title Delay
sensorProperitesNoAlarm Do not alarm
pref_mapsWeatherAnimateForecast_title Forecast
prefScreenPocketModeDelayEntries_0 No delay (default)
summaryDeviceAutoPauseCountInfo Number of times auto-pause was activated during this activity.
pref_screenAutoPocketModeDelay_summary This will delay turning the display off after proximity sensor is activated
sensorProperitesNoAlarmInfo Use the sensor if available, but do not notify or alarm when unavailable. Useful for unimportant sensors that are not essential for an activity. Disabled by default.