Key English
app_description Track and measure your rides with great accuracy. Increase your cycling safety and efficiency.
widget_1_description Biker: Bicycle Bell
widget_2_description Biker: Bell + Flashlight
widget_3_description Biker: Complete
proLicenseLabel Pro
ultimateLicenseTitle Ultimate License
proPlusLicenseTitle Pro Plus License
proPlusLicenseDescription Remove ads and unlock all non-subscription features we may add in the future
proPlusLicenseFeatures 🔹 No ads
🔹 Extra donation
proLicenseTitle Pro License
proLicenseDescription Remove ads
thunderforestMapsFeatures 🔹 Thunderforest maps
🔹 No ads
mapboxMapsFeatures 🔹 Mapbox maps
🔹 No ads
menuSummary Overview
menuMeterMode Meter mode…
menuMeterChooseModes Choose modes…
menuMeterParameters Parameters…
menuFenceguard FenceGuard
menuMore More…
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