Key English Finnish
pref_button_autoring_enable_summary Enable the Auto Ring mode toggle on speedometer long-click
sensorPurposeNone (No purpose)
sensorPurposeCadence Cadence
pref_roaring_type_entries_3 Electric vehicle
sensorProperitesUseForCadence Use for cadence
sensorProperitesIsInverted Swap speed and cadence
sensorProperitesIsInvertedInfo Use cadence sensor to obtain speed readings, or vice versa. Normally disabled.
meterModeFTPower ft pwr
dialogMapsShowRoutes Guide routes
meterModeFTPowerShort ftp
summaryProfileNameInfo Profile used to record this track.
summaryDeviceNameInfo Device used to record this track.
pref_speedo_display_mode_dialog_title Speedo appearance
summaryTotalWeightInfo Sum of all weights used while recording this track (rider, vehicle, cargo, …).
summaryWheelsWeightInfo Sum of weights of all wheels on the vehicle used on this track.
pref_speedo_indicator_needle_summary Show the needle in graphic indicator
summaryEfficiencyInfo Overall thermal efficiency of the track's powerhouse.
sensorProperitesIsAutoStrideLenInfo This will perform automatic step length measurements during running or speed walking.
pref_powermeter_display_mode_dialog_title Power display mode
summaryDragAreaInfo Air drag area (Cd·A).