Key English Finnish
pref_speed_calculate_mode_summary (All profiles) Recalculate speed from distances, do not use GPS value directly. This may provide more stable speed readings over GPS (Doppler) values.
pref_mapsShowAttribution_summary (All profiles) Show attribution text for online maps other than Google. Disable to prevent accidental click on a link.
pref_locationProvider_modes_explanation_1 (All profiles) Use "Fused" provider from Google Play services, if available. In theory this may provide faster and more accurate locations sometimes.
pref_locationProvider_modes_explanation_0 (All profiles) Use GPS subsystem directly. Stable, less complex model, no middleman. May also use less resources than the other provider.
sensorPurposeNone (No purpose)
prefUnitsPowerEntries_1 [HP]
prefUnitsEnergyEntries_0 [kcal]
prefUnitsPowerEntries_2 [kcal/h]
prefUnitsEnergyEntries_1 [kJ]
prefUnitsPowerEntries_3 [kJ/h]
prefUnitsEnergyEntries_2 [kWh]
prefUnitsPowerEntries_0 [W]
dialogMapsMapCount %1$s maps
prefScreenPocketModeDelayEntries_1 0.10 seconds
prefScreenPocketModeDelayEntries_2 0.20 seconds
prefScreenPocketModeDelayEntries_3 0.30 seconds
prefScreenPocketModeDelayEntries_4 0.40 seconds
prefScreenPocketModeDelayEntries_5 0.50 seconds
prefScreenPocketModeDelayEntries_6 0.75 seconds
prefMapDiskCacheAgeEntries_0 1 day