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hereMapsFeatures 🔹 HERE maps
🔹 No ads
maptilerMapsFeatures 🔹 MapTiler maps
🔹 No ads
buttonLater Later
buttonShow Show
menuSummary Overview Yhteenveto
menuMeterClockShowSeconds Show seconds
menuScreenshot Screenshot
toastRoarButtonClickInfo Long-click to toggle the AVAS sound
toastMapClickInfo Long-tap for map options Paina pitkään avataksesi kartta-asetukset
toastSharingNoGpxError Error, no GPX file in the track
dialog_volume_tallies_text Tallies
dialogMapsShowRoutes Guide routes
dialogMapsChooseTitle Choose map
dialogMapsMapCount %1$s maps
dialogChartDataTypesTitle Chart types
dialogActivityRecognitionPermissionRequestTitle Physical activity permission
dialogActivityRecognitionPermissionRequest Permission is needed so the app can use built-in sensors like Step Detector sensor.
dialogGoogleMapTermsViolation Google does not permit capturing contents of their maps, so map type must first be changed to any other.

Change map type now?
Google Karttojen sisällön tallentaminen ei ole luvallista, joten karttatyyppi täytyy ensin muuttaa.

Vaihdetaanko Stamen-karttoihin?
dialogLoginUsernameHint Username
dialogLoginPasswordHint Password