Key English Urdu
pref_app_language_summary (All profiles)
pref_back_key_mode_summary (All profiles)
pref_maps_online_mode_summary (All profiles)
pref_maps_offline_file_summary (All profiles) %1$s
pref_mapsOfflineLayerButtonActionSummary (All profiles) Choose what to do when layer button gets pressed
pref_maps_quickZoom_summary (All profiles) Enable invisible quick zoom buttons in the bottom part of the map, improves your orientation
pref_speed_calculate_mode_summary (All profiles) Recalculate speed from distances, do not use GPS value directly. This may provide more stable speed readings over GPS (Doppler) values.
pref_maps_offline_terrain_summary (All profiles) Render terrain elevation shades. Map will look more realistic, but probably slower. Requires DEM (.hgt) files present in the map folder.
pref_relaunchAfterReboot_summary (All profiles) Resume tracking after a forced device reboot, if battery 10% or more
pref_mapsShowAttribution_summary (All profiles) Show attribution text for online maps other than Google. Disable to prevent accidental click on a link.
pref_speechProfileName_summary (All profiles) Speak profile name on profile switch
pref_maps_animate_summary (All profiles) Turn off to reduce battery usage, especially while the Follow mode is on
pref_locationProvider_modes_explanation_1 (All profiles) Use "Fused" provider from Google Play services, if available. In theory this may provide faster and more accurate locations sometimes.
pref_locationProvider_modes_explanation_0 (All profiles) Use GPS subsystem directly. Stable, less complex model, no middleman. May also use less resources than the other provider.
pref_screenAutoPocketMode_summary (All profiles) Use proximity sensor to keep the display off while not needed
pref_digital_font_summary (All profiles) Use segmented digital LCD font for cyclometer data display
sensorPurposeNone (No purpose)
profilesListProfileNotUsed (unused)
prefUnitsPowerEntries_1 [HP]
prefUnitsEnergyEntries_0 [kcal]