Key English Urdu
dialogEnergyParamsTitle Energy parameters
pref_category1_title Sound
pref_maps_offline_terrain_summary (All profiles) Render terrain elevation shades. Map will look more realistic, but probably slower. Requires DEM (.hgt) files present in the map folder.
pref_gps_boost_modes_0 Map shown (default)
summaryHeartBeatsInfo Number of heartbeats detected during activity.
dialogEnergyParamsEfficiency Overall thermal efficiency (η)
pref_category2_title Display
pref_maps_offline_terrain_info_title Download now
pref_gps_boost_modes_1 Screen on
summaryCadenceStrokesInfo Number of pedal strokes detected during activity.
dialogEnergyParamsBmr Basal metabolic rate (BMR)
pref_category_general_title General
pref_maps_offline_terrain_info_summary Open up download page at
pref_gps_boost_modes_2 Disabled
summaryMechWork Mech. work
dialogFileChooseSelectFolder Select this folder
pref_category_language_title Language
pref_gps_boost_modes_explanation_0 Force frequent GPS updates while the map is visible
summaryMechWorkInfo Purely mechanical work spent for this activity (disregarding thermal efficiency and BMR).
dialogMapsDownloadTitle Offline maps download