English pref_units_altitude_entries
Key English Asturian
pref_wakelock_modes_explanation_0 Automatically decide based on GPS update interval and other factors Decidir automáticamente en base al intervalu d'actualización de GPS y otros factores
pref_wakelock_modes_explanation_1 Keep CPU awake during tracking. May use more battery, but ensures no location update is skipped. Caltener CPU activa mientres el siguimientu. Puede usar más batería, pero asegura que nun s'omiten actualizaciones d'allugamientu.
pref_wakelock_modes_explanation_2 Allow CPU to sleep between location updates. May use less battery, but may skip an update on a rare occasion. Dexar al CPU suspender ente actualizaciones d'allugamientu. Usa menos batería, pero puede omitir dalguna actualización en rares ocasiones.
pref_wakelock_modes_explanation_3 Obey behaviour imposed by the system and/or other apps. Warning: May cause highly irregular location updates or even reject them all. Not recommended. Cumplir el comportamientu impuestu pol sistema y/o otres aplicaciones. Alvertencia: Puede causar munches actualizaciones irregulares d'allugamientu o inclusive refugales toes. Non encamentáu.
pref_locationProvider_modes_1 Google Play services (default) Servicios de Google Play (por defectu)
pref_locationProvider_modes_0 GPS subsystem Subsistema GPS
pref_locationProvider_modes_explanation_0 (All profiles) Use GPS subsystem directly. Stable, less complex model, no middleman. May also use less resources than the other provider. (Tolos perfiles) Usar subsistema de GPS directamente. Estable, modelos menos complexos, ensin intermediarios. Puede usar menos recursos qu'otru provisor.
pref_locationProvider_modes_explanation_1 (All profiles) Use "Fused" provider from Google Play services, if available. In theory this may provide faster and more accurate locations sometimes. (Tolos perfiles) Usa'l provisor "Fundíu" de Google Play services, si ta disponible. En teoría, ésti tien d'aprovir n'ocasiones d'allugamientos más rápidos y precises.
pref_flashlightBlinkModes_0 Slow (default) Lentu (por defectu)
pref_flashlightBlinkModes_1 Fast Rápido
pref_flashlightBlinkModes_2 None / Steady Nengún / Constante
pref_units_distance_entries_0 Metric [m, km] Métricu [m, km]
pref_units_distance_entries_1 Imperial [ft, mi] Imperial [ft, mi]
pref_units_speed_entries_0 Metric [km/h] Metricu [km/h]
pref_units_speed_entries_1 Imperial [mph] Imperial [mph]
pref_units_altitude_entries_0 Metric [m] Métricu [m]
pref_units_altitude_entries_1 Imperial [ft] Imperial [ft]
pref_units_weight_entries_0 Metric [kg] Métricu [kg]
pref_units_weight_entries_1 Imperial [lb] Imperial [lb]
pref_units_other_entries_0 Metric Métricu
pref_units_other_entries_1 Imperial Imperial
prefUnitsEnergyEntries_0 [kcal] [Kcal]
prefUnitsEnergyEntries_1 [kJ] [kJ]
prefUnitsEnergyEntries_2 [kWh] [kWh]
prefUnitsEnergyEntries_3 [Liters of gasoline] [Llitros de combustible]
prefUnitsPowerEntries_0 [W] [W]
prefUnitsPowerEntries_1 [HP] [HP]
prefUnitsPowerEntries_2 [kcal/h] [Kcal/h]
prefUnitsPowerEntries_3 [kJ/h] [kJ/h]
prefUnitsSlopeEntries_0 Percent [%] Porcentaxe [%]
prefUnitsSlopeEntries_1 Degree [°] Graos [°]
Key English Asturian
pref_speechTrackingStatus_title Tracking Siguimientu
pref_speed_calculate_mode_summary (All profiles) Recalculate speed from distances, do not use GPS value directly. This may provide more stable speed readings over GPS (Doppler) values. Default is OFF. (Tolos perfiles) Recalcular la velocidá usando distancies, nun usar el valor GPS directamente. Esto puede apurrir llectures de velocidá más estables sobro los valores GPS (Doppler). Por defectu é APAGÁU.
pref_speed_calculate_mode_title Recalculate speed Recalcular velocidá
pref_speedo_display_mode_dialog_title Speedo appearance Aspeutu del velocímetru
pref_speedo_display_mode_entries_0 Graphic & Digital Gráficu & Dixital
pref_speedo_display_mode_entries_1 Graphic Gráficu
pref_speedo_display_mode_entries_2 Digital Dixital
pref_text_automatic Automatic Automáticu
pref_text_max Max Máx
pref_text_medium Medium Mediu
pref_text_min Min Mín
pref_text_off Off Apagáu
pref_track_charts_summary Choose various activity parameters to be saved as charts with every track. Speed and altitude data are always saved. Escueya dellos parámetros d'actividá para guardase como gráfiques al pie de cada percorríu. Los datos de velocidá y altitú siempres son guardaos.
pref_track_charts_title Chart types… Tipos de gráfica…
pref_units_altitude_dialog_title Altitude units Unidaes de altitú
pref_units_altitude_entries_0 Metric [m] Métricu [m]
pref_units_altitude_entries_1 Imperial [ft] Imperial [ft]
pref_units_altitude_title Altitude Altitú
pref_units_distance_dialog_title Distance units Unidaes de distancia
pref_units_distance_entries_0 Metric [m, km] Métricu [m, km]
pref_units_distance_entries_1 Imperial [ft, mi] Imperial [ft, mi]
pref_units_distance_title Distance Distancia
pref_units_energy_dialog_title Energy units Unidaes de enerxía
pref_units_energy_title Energy Enerxía
pref_units_other_dialog_title Units for other quantities Unidaes pa otres cantidaes
pref_units_other_entries_0 Metric Métricu
pref_units_other_entries_1 Imperial Imperial
pref_units_other_title Other Otros
pref_units_power_dialog_title Total power units Unidaes de Potencia totales
pref_units_power_title Power (total) Potencia (total)


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