Key English Asturian
meterModes_24 Pressure Presión
meterModes_31 Humidity Mugor
meterModes_25 Odometer Odómetru
meterModes_26 Kinetic energy Enerxía cinética
meterModes_27 Steps Pasos
meterModes_28 Step cadence Cadencia de pasos
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_0 Fastest Más rápida
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_1 Adaptive Adaptativu
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_2 Default Por defectu
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_3 1 sec 1 seg
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_4 2 sec 2 seg
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_5 3 sec 3 seg
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_6 4 sec 4 seg
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_7 5 sec 5 seg
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_8 10 sec 10 seg
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_9 15 sec 15 seg
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_10 20 sec 20 seg
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_11 30 sec 30 seg
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_12 45 sec 45 seg
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_13 1 min 1 min
pref_gps_boost_modes_0 Map shown (default) Amosar mapa (por defectu)
pref_gps_boost_modes_1 Screen on Pantalla encendida
pref_gps_boost_modes_2 Disabled Evacuáu
pref_gps_boost_modes_explanation_0 Force frequent GPS updates while the map is visible Forzar actualizaciones GPS frecuentes mientres el mapa tea visible
pref_gps_boost_modes_explanation_1 Force frequent GPS updates while the screen is turned on Forzar actualizaciones GPS frecuentes mientres la pantalla tea activada
pref_gps_boost_modes_explanation_2 Never force frequent GPS updates Nunca forzar actualizaciones frecuentes de GPS
pref_autopause_modes_0 Realtime (default) En tiempu real (por defectu)
pref_autopause_modes_1 Relaxed Relaxáu
pref_autopause_modes_2 Off Apagáu
pref_autopause_modes_explanation_0 Discard all pauses longer than few seconds Refuga toles poses de más d'unos segundos
pref_autopause_modes_explanation_1 Discard only pauses longer than 5 minutes Refuga solo les poses de más de 5 minutos


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