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Key English Asturian
pref_background_pattern_entries_5 Cobble Adoquín
pref_background_pattern_entries_6 Clouds Nubes
pref_background_pattern_entries_7 Hearts Corazones
pref_background_pattern_entries_8 Honeycomb Setu d'abeyes
pref_speedo_display_mode_entries_0 Graphic & Digital Gráficu & Dixital
pref_speedo_display_mode_entries_1 Graphic Gráficu
pref_speedo_display_mode_entries_2 Digital Dixital
pref_powermeter_display_mode_entries_0 Total power Potencia total
pref_powermeter_display_mode_entries_1 Watts per kg/lb Vatios por kg/lb
prefMapOnlineModeEntries_0 Online En llínea
prefMapOnlineModeEntries_1 Offline Ensin conexón
prefBackKeyModeEntries_0 Normal Normal
prefBackKeyModeEntries_1 None Nenguna
prefBackKeyModeEntries_2 Double-click exit Doble clic para salir
mapLayerTypes_0 @string/mapLayerStreet
mapLayerTypes_1 @string/mapLayerTerrain
mapLayerTypes_2 @string/mapLayerSatellite
prefMapOfflineLayerButtonActionEntries_0 Switch theme Camudar tema visual
prefMapOfflineLayerButtonActionEntries_1 Switch file Camudar de ficheru
prefMapOfflineLayerButtonActionEntries_2 None Nenguna
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_0 10 MB 10 MB
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_1 50 MB 50 MB
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_2 100 MB (default) 100 MB (por defectu)
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_3 200 MB 200 MB
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_4 300 MB 300 MB
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_5 400 MB 400 MB
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_6 500 MB 500 MB
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_7 1 GB 1 GB
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_8 2 GB 2 GB
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_9 3 GB 3 GB
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_10 4 GB 4 GB
Key English Asturian
licenseDialogProTab @string/proLicenseLabel
licenseDialogUltimateTab @string/ultimateLicenseLabel
licenseItemAlreadyOwned License item already owned En posesión d'una llicencia
licenseSuccessDialogMessage The app was licensed successfully. Thank you for your support! La Aplicación llicencióse correchamente. ¡Gracies pol to sofitu!
licenseSuccessDialogTitle @string/app_name
licenseUpgradeTitle Upgrade your license
loading Loading… Cargando…
locale en ast
manageSubscriptions Manage subscriptions Xestionar subscripciones
mapboxMapsFeatures ✔️ Mapbox premium maps
✔️ Navigation
✔️ No ads
✔️ All free features and maps
✔️ Tou les característiques y mapes de baldre
✔️ Mapes premium de MapBox
✔️ Ensin publicidá
mapboxMapsLabel Mapbox
mapLayerSatellite Satellite Satélite
mapLayerStreet Street Cai
mapLayerTerrain Terrain Terrén
mapLayerTypes_0 @string/mapLayerStreet
mapLayerTypes_1 @string/mapLayerTerrain
mapLayerTypes_2 @string/mapLayerSatellite
mapMarkerClickInfo Click for options
mapMarkerFinish Finish Final
mapMarkerMyLocation My location El mio allugamientu
mapMarkerStart Start Iniciu
mapPlaceSearch Where to?
maptilerMapsFeatures ✔️ MapTiler premium maps
✔️ Navigation
✔️ No ads
✔️ All free features and maps
✔️ Tou les característiques y mapes de baldre
✔️ Mapes premium de MapTiler
✔️ Ensin publicidá
maptilerMapsLabel MapTiler
menuAbout About Alrodiu de
menuAdvanced Advanced Avanzáu
menuAutomaticBell Automatic bell Timbre automáticu
menuBell Bell Timbre
menuCenterOnMap Center Centrar
menuChooseFile File Arquivu


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