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disclaimerText1 This app is provided as is, and you use it at your own risk. We, the publisher, will not be held responsible for any mishap, loss of possession, injury or worse involving you or a third person, arising from app usage during a ride or otherwise. Esta aplicación apúrrese talo como, úsela sol so propiu riesgu. Nós, l'editor, nun vamos ser responsables de nengún accidente, perda de posesión, mancadures o coses peores, que surdan del so usu mientres una carrera o otru tipu d'actividá, y que lo arreyen a usté o a terceros.
disclaimerText2 Please use this app wisely and DO NOT operate it while driving a car, riding a motorbike, a bicycle, or any other vehicle. Por favor, use l'aplicación con prudencia: NUN la manipolie mientres conduz un automóvil, motocicleta, bicicleta o cualesquier otru vehículu.
disclaimerText3 Always keep your eyes on the road. Siempres caltenga los sos güeyos na carretera.
speechUnitOneMeter Meter Metru
speechUnitTwoMeters Meters Metros
speechUnitManyMeters Meters Metros
speechUnitOneKilometer Kilometer Kilómetru
speechUnitTwoKilometers Kilometers Kilómetros
speechUnitManyKilometers Kilometers Kilómetros
speechUnitOneFeet Foot Pie
speechUnitTwoFeets Feet Pies
speechUnitManyFeets Feet Pies
speechUnitOneMile Mile Milla
speechUnitTwoMiles Miles Millas
speechUnitManyMiles Miles Millas
speechUnitOneHour Hour Hora
speechUnitTwoHours Hours Horas
speechUnitManyHours Hours Horas
speechUnitOneMinute Minute Minutu
speechUnitTwoMinutes Minutes Minutos
speechUnitManyMinutes Minutes Minutos
speechUnitOneLiterOfGasoline Liter of gasoline
speechUnitTwoLitersOfGasoline Liters of gasoline
speechUnitManyLitersOfGasoline Liters of gasoline
speechAltitude Altitude: %1$s Altitú: %1$s
speechAscent Climb: %1$s Ascensu: %1$s
speechDescent Drop: %1$s Descensu: %1$s
speechClock Clock: %1$s Reló: %1$s
speechSteps Steps: %1$s Pasos: %1$s
speechRadius Radius: %1$s Radiu: %1$s
speechEnergy Energy: %1$s


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