Key English Asturian
pref_units_speed_title Speed Velocidá
pref_units_speed_dialog_title Speed units Unidaes de velocidá
pref_units_altitude_title Altitude Altitú
pref_units_altitude_dialog_title Altitude units Unidaes de altitú
pref_units_weight_title Weight Pesu
pref_units_weight_dialog_title Weight units Unidaes de pesu
pref_units_other_title Other Otros
pref_units_other_dialog_title Units for other quantities Unidaes pa otres cantidaes
pref_units_energy_title Energy Enerxía
pref_units_energy_dialog_title Energy units Unidaes de enerxía
pref_units_power_title Power (total) Potencia (total)
pref_units_power_dialog_title Total power units Unidaes de Potencia totales
pref_units_slope_title Slope Fastera
pref_units_slope_dialog_title Slope units Unidaes de fastera
pref_units_summary @null
pref_hud_axis_title HUD mirror axis Exa de simetría HUD
pref_hud_axis_summary @null
pref_hud_axis_dialog_title HUD mirror axis Exa de simetría HUD
pref_bell_mode_title Type Tipu
pref_bell_mode_summary @null
pref_bell_mode_dialog_title Bell type Tipu de timbre
pref_bell_automatic_title Automatic Automáticu
pref_bell_automatic_summary Ring the bell on significant slowdown Tocar el timbre al amenorgar significativamente
pref_bell_automatic_sensitivity_title Auto bell sensitivity Sensibilidá del timbre automáticu
pref_bell_automatic_sensitivity_summary @null
pref_bell_shake_title Shake to ring Ximelgar pa sonar
pref_bell_shake_summary Shake the device to ring the bell Ximelgar el dispositivu para tocar el timbre
pref_bell_shake_sensitivity_title Shake sensitivity Sensibilidá d'axitación
pref_bell_shake_sensitivity_summary @null
pref_roaring_type_title Type Tipu
pref_roaring_type_summary @null
Key English Asturian
pref_group_activityRecognition_title Activity recognition Reconocencia d'actividá
pref_group_advanced_title Advanced… Avanzáu…
pref_group_flashlight_title Flashlight Llinterna
pref_group_maps_title Maps Mapes
pref_group_meters_title Meters Indicadores
pref_group_powermeter_title Power and Energy Potencia y Enerxía
pref_group_units_title Units Unidaes
pref_haptic_feedback_intensity_summary @null
pref_haptic_feedback_intensity_title Vibration intensity Intensidá de la vibración
pref_haptic_feedback_summary @null
pref_haptic_feedback_title Vibrate on touch Cimblar al tocar
pref_hud_axis_dialog_title HUD mirror axis Exa de simetría HUD
pref_hud_axis_entries_0 Default — Statusbar at its natural position Por defectu — Barra d'estáu na so posición natural
pref_hud_axis_entries_1 Upside down — More practical device handling Al aviesu — Manexu del dispositivu más prácticu
pref_hud_axis_summary @null
pref_hud_axis_title HUD mirror axis Exa de simetría HUD
pref_locationProvider_modes_0 GPS subsystem Subsistema GPS
pref_locationProvider_modes_1 Google Play services (default) Servicios de Google Play (por defectu)
pref_locationProvider_modes_explanation_0 (All profiles) Use GPS subsystem directly. Stable, less complex model, no middleman. May also use less resources than the other provider. (Tolos perfiles) Usar subsistema de GPS directamente. Estable, modelos menos complexos, ensin intermediarios. Puede usar menos recursos qu'otru provisor.
pref_locationProvider_modes_explanation_1 (All profiles) Use "Fused" provider from Google Play services, if available. In theory this may provide faster and more accurate locations sometimes. (Tolos perfiles) Usa'l provisor "Fundíu" de Google Play services, si ta disponible. En teoría, ésti tien d'aprovir n'ocasiones d'allugamientos más rápidos y precises.
pref_locationProviderMode_dialog_title @string/pref_category_locationProvider_title
pref_locationProviderMode_summary @null
pref_locationProviderMode_title %1$s
pref_maps_animate_summary Turn off to reduce battery usage, especially while the Follow mode is on (Tolos perfiles) Apague para amenorgar l'usu de la batería, especialmente mientres el mou Siguir tea activáu
pref_maps_animate_title Animation Animación
pref_maps_disable_summary @null
pref_maps_disable_title Disable Maps Desactivar mapes
pref_maps_fences_draw_summary Show FenceGuard protected regions over the map Amosar Zones Privaes sobro'l mapa
pref_maps_fences_draw_title Fences Zones privaes
pref_maps_offline_file_dialog_title Choose offline maps folder Escoyer carpeta de mapes ensin conexón
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axis exe Urban Biker GLOSSARY
axis exa Urban Biker GLOSSARY
mirror simetría Urban Biker GLOSSARY
mirror espeyu Urban Biker GLOSSARY

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