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pref_roaring_state_title AVAS Soníu SAAV
pref_roaring_state_summary Produce Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS) sounds as you move Producir soníos del Sistema d'Alerta Acústico para Vehículos (SAAV) mientres se ta en movimientu
pref_roaring_mode_title Mode Mou
pref_roaring_mode_dialog_title AVAS mode Mou de SAAV
pref_roaring_mode_summary @null
pref_roaring_constant_mode_title Constant mode Mou constante
pref_roaring_constant_mode_summary Produce constant AVAS sounds at all times, regardless of your movement or GPS state Producir soníos SAAV constantes en tou momentu, independientemente del estáu de to movimientu o del GPS
pref_roar_threshold_speed_title Threshold speed Estragal de velocidá
pref_roar_threshold_speed_info AVAS will sound only when going faster than the threshold speed. Useful e.g. for downhills. Los soníos SAAV van sonar solo cuando vaya más rápidu que l'estragal/llende de velocidá. Preséu por casu, en descensos.
pref_roarConstantModeButton_title Button toggle Botón d'alternanza
pref_roarConstantModeButton_summary Toggle constant mode with a button click while the AVAS is turned on Alternar el mou constante faciendu clic de botón mientres SAAV tea encendíu
pref_fenceguard_title FenceGuard Zones privaes
pref_fenceguard_summary Protect the location of your home, or other important places from being exposed in recorded tracks Protexe l'allugamientu del so llar, o d'otros llugares importantes, de quedar espuestos nos percorríos grabaos
pref_gps_update_freq_title %1$s
pref_gps_update_freq_summary @null
pref_gps_boost_title %1$s
pref_gps_boost_summary %1$s
pref_gps_boost_dialog_title @string/pref_category_gps_boost_title
pref_autopause_mode_title %1$s
pref_autopause_mode_summary @null
pref_autopause_mode_dialog_title Auto pausing Posa automática
pref_wakelock_mode_title %1$s
pref_wakelock_mode_summary @null
pref_wakelock_mode_dialog_title @string/pref_category_wakelock_title
pref_locationProviderMode_title %1$s
pref_locationProviderMode_summary @null
pref_locationProviderMode_dialog_title @string/pref_category_locationProvider_title
pref_speed_calculate_mode_title Recalculate speed Recalcular velocidá
pref_speed_calculate_mode_summary (All profiles) Recalculate speed from distances, do not use GPS value directly. This may provide more stable speed readings over GPS (Doppler) values. Default is OFF. (Tolos perfiles) Recalcular la velocidá usando distancies, nun usar el valor GPS directamente. Esto puede apurrir llectures de velocidá más estables sobro los valores GPS (Doppler). Por defectu é APAGÁU.
pref_background_pattern_title @null
pref_background_pattern_summary @null
Key English Asturian
pref_flashlightBlinkMode_summary @null
pref_flashlightBlinkMode_title Mode Mou
pref_flashlightBlinkModes_0 Slow (default) Lentu (por defectu)
pref_flashlightBlinkModes_1 Fast Rápido
pref_flashlightBlinkModes_2 None / Steady Nengún / Constante
pref_flashlightBlinkModeToggleEnable_summary Toggle flickering mode with a button click while the flashlight is turned on Alternar ceguñu por aciu clic de botón, mientres la llinterna tea encendida
pref_flashlightBlinkModeToggleEnable_title Button toggle Botón d'alternanza
pref_gps_boost_dialog_title @string/pref_category_gps_boost_title
pref_gps_boost_modes_0 Map shown (default) Amosar mapa (por defectu)
pref_gps_boost_modes_1 Screen on Pantalla encendida
pref_gps_boost_modes_2 Disabled Evacuáu
pref_gps_boost_modes_explanation_0 Force frequent GPS updates while the map is visible Forzar actualizaciones GPS frecuentes mientres el mapa tea visible
pref_gps_boost_modes_explanation_1 Force frequent GPS updates while the screen is turned on Forzar actualizaciones GPS frecuentes mientres la pantalla tea activada
pref_gps_boost_modes_explanation_2 Never force frequent GPS updates Nunca forzar actualizaciones frecuentes de GPS
pref_gps_boost_summary %1$s
pref_gps_boost_title %1$s
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_0 Fastest Más rápida
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_10 20 sec 20 seg
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_11 30 sec 30 seg
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_12 45 sec 45 seg
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_13 1 min 1 min
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_2 Default Por defectu
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_3 1 sec 1 seg
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_4 2 sec 2 seg
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_5 3 sec 3 seg
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_6 4 sec 4 seg
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_7 5 sec 5 seg
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_8 10 sec 10 seg
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_9 15 sec 15 seg
pref_gps_update_freq_summary @null
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