Key English Catalan (Andorra)
menuExpandAll Expand all Expandeix-ho tot
menuCollapse Collapse Contraure
menuCollapseAll Collapse all Tanca-ho tot
menuEdit Edit Edita
menuDelete Delete Elimina
menuClear Clear Neteja
menuCenterOnMap Center Centra
menuClose Close Tanca
menuInfo Info Info
menuRateAndComment Rate us Avalua i comenta
menuRefresh Refresh Refresca
menuSwitchProfile Switch to Canvia a
menuScreenshot Screenshot
share_title Send via Envia per
share_subject @string/app_name
pick_a_color Pick a color Selecciona un color
fence_name_default My Place El meu lloc
profileNameDefault New Profile Nou perfil
featureNotAvailable Sorry, the feature is not available on this device Disculpeu, aquesta funcionalitat no està disponible en aquest dispositiu
farFromHere Far from here Lluny d'aquí
toastRestartRequired Please restart the app for this to take effect Si us plau, inicieu de nou l'app per a activar-ho
toastActiveProfile Profile: %1$s Perfil: %1$s
toastProfileSavingError Error saving profile data! Please try again. Error desant dades del perfil! Si us plau, proveu de nou.
toastProfileChangeError Could not switch the profile! Please try again. No es pot canviar el perfil! Si us plau, proveu de nou.
toastGpsEnabled GPS turned on GPS engegat
toastTrackSaved Track saved. Trajecte desat.
toastTrackDiscarded Track discarded. Trajecte descartat.
toastTrackSavingError Error saving track! Try resetting again. Error en desar el trajecte! Proveu d'establir-lo de nou.
toastTrackWritingError Error writing track data to storage! Try resetting again. Error escrivint dades del trajecte a l'emmagatzematge! Proveu d'establir-lo de nou.
toastTrackZippingError Error zipping track! Try resetting again. Error comprimint el trajecte! Proveu d'establir-lo de nou.
toastTrackMovingError Error moving track to USB storage! Try resetting again. Error en moure el trajecte a la memòria USB! Proveu d'establir-lo de nou.
Key English Catalan (Andorra)
meterModeWriggleShort wrig serp
meterTextAvg avg mit.
meterTextMax max màx.
meterTextMin min min.
meterTextTotal tot tot
na N/A N/A
no No No
notificationTitle @string/app_name
notificationTitleAdvanced %1$s
notificationTitleAdvancedPaused Paused: %1$s Pausat: %1$s
ok OK OK
ongoingNotificationChannelDescription Providing control of the foreground service and easy access to the app Proporcionant control del servei de primer pla i fàcil accés a l'aplicació
ongoingNotificationChannelName Ongoing notification Notificació permanent
openSourceLicensesTitle Open source licenses
paymentOnce One-time payment Pagament únic
pick_a_color Pick a color Selecciona un color
powerSourceWeight_0 Total
powerSourceWeight_1 Driver
powerSourceWeight_2 Vehicle
powerSourceWeight_3 Driver + Vehicle
powerSourceWeightInfo When translating power (watts) into specific power (watts per unit weight), a weight must be given.

This is usually the weight of the entity providing a driving force.

Note: Vertical power is always computed using Total weight.
powerSourceWeightTitle Power source weight
pref_above_lockscreen_summary App will remain visible even if the device is locked L'app romandrà activa fins i tot si l'aparell es bloca
pref_above_lockscreen_title Keep above lockscreen Mantenir malgrat el protector de pantalla
pref_ads_mode_dialog_title Adverts type Tipus d'anuncis
pref_ads_mode_summary @null
pref_ads_mode_title Show adverts Mostra anuncis
pref_app_language_dialog_title Language Idioma
pref_app_language_summary (All profiles) (Tots els perfils)
pref_app_language_title @null


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