Key English Catalan (Andorra)
licenseDialogProTab @string/proLicenseLabel
licenseDialogMapsTab Maps Mapes
thunderforestMapsLabel Thunderforest
mapboxMapsLabel Mapbox
hereMapsLabel HERE
maptilerMapsLabel MapTiler
ultimateLicenseTitle Ultimate License Ultimate License
ultimateLicenseDescription Most powerful license for ultimate experience. La llicència més poderosa per a la millor experiència.
ultimateLicenseFeatures 🔹 All maps
🔹 All features
🔹 No ads
🔹 Tots els mapes
🔹 Totes les característiques
🔹 Sense publicitat
proPlusLicenseTitle Pro Plus License Pro Plus License
proPlusLicenseDescription Remove ads and unlock all non-subscription features we may add in the future Remove ads and unlock all non-subscription features we may add in the future
proPlusLicenseFeatures 🔹 No ads
🔹 Extra donation
🔹 Sense publicitat
🔹 Donació extra
proLicenseTitle Pro License Pro License
proLicenseDescription Remove ads Remove ads
proLicenseFeatures 🔹 No ads 🔹 Sense publicitat
thunderforestMapsFeatures 🔹 Thunderforest maps
🔹 No ads
🔹 Mapes Thunderforest
🔹 Sense publicitat
mapboxMapsFeatures 🔹 Mapbox maps
🔹 No ads
🔹 Mapes MapBox
🔹 Sense publicitat
hereMapsFeatures 🔹 HERE maps
🔹 No ads
🔹 Mapes HERE
🔹 Sense publicitat
maptilerMapsFeatures 🔹 MapTiler maps
🔹 No ads
🔹 Mapes de MapTiler
🔹 Sense publicitat
subscriptionPerMonth %1$s /month %1$s /mes
subscriptionPer1y %1$s billed once in 12 months %1$s facturats un cop cada 12 mesos
subscriptionPer6m %1$s billed once in 6 months %1$s facturats un cop cada 6 mesos
subscriptionPer3m %1$s billed once in 3 months %1$s facturats un cop cada 3 mesos
subscriptionPer1m %1$s billed once a month %1$s facturats un cop cada mes
subscriptionPer1w %1$s billed once a week %1$s facturats un cop cada setmana
paymentOnce One-time payment Pagament únic
rewardedAdPriceFree FREE (valid for this session) GRATUÏT (vàlid per a aquesta sessió)
rewardedAdDescription Click here to watch an ad first Cliqueu aquí per primer veure un anunci
rewardedAdLoading Loading ad… Carregant anunci …
rewardedLicenseSuccess License successfully awarded Llicència atorgada amb èxit
Key English Catalan (Andorra)
summaryRollResistCoef Roll resist coef. Coef. resist. rodament.
summaryRollResistCoefInfo Rolling resistance coefficient.
summarySpecific Specific Específic
summaryStartedDatetime Started Iniciat
summaryStoppedTime Stopped time Temps aturat
summaryStoppedTimeInfo Time spent pausing, either manually or while using the auto-pause.
summaryTotalTime Total time Temps total
summaryTotalTimeInfo Time interval between the start time and the end time of this track.
summaryTotalWeight Total weight Pes total
summaryTotalWeightInfo Sum of all weights used while recording this track (rider, vehicle, cargo, …).
summaryVehicleWeight Vehicle weight
summaryVehicleWeightInfo Weight of the vehicle used while recording this track.
summaryWheelsWeight Wheels weight Pes de les rodes
summaryWheelsWeightInfo Sum of weights of all wheels on the vehicle used on this track.
svgCopyright Created with Urban Biker Creat amb Urban Biker
thunderforestMapsFeatures 🔹 Thunderforest maps
🔹 No ads
🔹 Mapes Thunderforest
🔹 Sense publicitat
thunderforestMapsLabel Thunderforest
timePeriod_per3Months per 3 months
timePeriod_per6Months per 6 months
timePeriod_perMonth per month
timePeriod_perWeek per week
timePeriod_perYear per year
toastActiveProfile Profile: %1$s Perfil: %1$s
toastAutoThemeActivated Automatic visual theme activated Tema visual automàtic activat
toastCancelled Canceled Cancel·lat
toastContrastButtonClickInfo Automatic visual theme is active El tema visual automàtic està actiu
toastErrorAccessingExternalStorage Error accessing external storage Error accedint a l'emmagatzament extern
toastErrorCreatingOfflineMap Error creating offline map Error creant el mapa fora de línea
toastErrorPowerParametersVoid Please fill in Power parameters in Settings Si us plau, informeu els paràmetres de potència als Ajustaments
toastFenceGuardFenceAdded FenceGuard: Fence %1$s added Àrea Privada: Àrea %1$s afegida


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English Catalan (Andorra)
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