Key English Danish
proPlusLicenseDescription Remove ads and unlock all non-subscription features we may add in the future Fjern reklamer og lås op for alt ikke-abonnements indhold vi måske tilføjer i fremtiden
proPlusLicenseFeatures 🔹 No ads
🔹 Extra donation
🔹 Ingen reklamer
🔹 Ektra donation
proLicenseTitle Pro License Pro Licens
proLicenseDescription Remove ads Fjern Reklamer
proLicenseFeatures 🔹 No ads 🔹 Ingen reklamer
thunderforestMapsFeatures 🔹 Thunderforest maps
🔹 No ads
🔹 Thunderforest kort
🔹 Ingen reklamer
mapboxMapsFeatures 🔹 Mapbox maps
🔹 No ads
🔹 Mapbox kort
🔹 Ingen reklamer
hereMapsFeatures 🔹 HERE maps
🔹 No ads
🔹 HERE kort
🔹 Ingen reklamer
maptilerMapsFeatures 🔹 MapTiler maps
🔹 No ads
🔹 MapTiler kort
🔹 Ingen reklamer
subscriptionPerMonth %1$s /month Kr /om måneden
subscriptionPer1y %1$s billed once in 12 months Kr en gang om året
subscriptionPer6m %1$s billed once in 6 months kr en gang hver 6 måned
subscriptionPer3m %1$s billed once in 3 months Kr en gang hver 3 måned
subscriptionPer1m %1$s billed once a month Kr en gang hver måned
subscriptionPer1w %1$s billed once a week Kr en gang om ugen
paymentOnce One-time payment Betaling en gang for alle
priceFree FREE Gratis
rewardedAdPriceFree FREE (valid for this session) Gratis ( gyldig for denne session)
rewardedAdDescription Click here to watch an ad first Klik her for at se reklame først
rewardedAdLoading Loading ad… Indlæser Reklame…
rewardedLicenseSuccess License successfully awarded Licens tildelt med succes
priceLoading @string/loading
manageSubscriptions Manage subscriptions Styr abonnementer
ok OK Ok
yes Yes Ja
no No Nej
cancel Cancel Annullér
buttonUnderstand I understand Jeg forstår
buttonLater Later
buttonShow Show
na N/A I/A
Key English Danish
meterModeWriggle wriggle vride
meterModeWriggleShort wrig vri
meterTextAvg avg middel
meterTextMax max maks
meterTextMin min min
meterTextTotal tot total
na N/A I/A
no No Nej
notificationTitle @string/app_name
notificationTitleAdvanced %1$s
notificationTitleAdvancedPaused Paused: %1$s Sat på pause: %1$s
ok OK Ok
ongoingNotificationChannelDescription Providing control of the foreground service and easy access to the app Giver kontrol af service i forgrunden og nem adgang til app'en
ongoingNotificationChannelName Ongoing notification Tilbagevendende notifikationer
openSourceLicensesTitle Open source licenses Open source-licenser
paymentOnce One-time payment Betaling en gang for alle
pick_a_color Pick a color Vælg farve
powerSourceWeight_0 Total
powerSourceWeight_1 Driver
powerSourceWeight_2 Vehicle
powerSourceWeight_3 Driver + Vehicle
powerSourceWeightInfo When translating power (watts) into specific power (watts per unit weight), a weight must be given.

This is usually the weight of the entity providing a driving force.

Note: Vertical power is always computed using Total weight.
powerSourceWeightTitle Power source weight
pref_above_lockscreen_summary App will remain visible even if the device is locked App'en vil forblive synlig selvom enheden bliver låst
pref_above_lockscreen_title Keep above lockscreen Forbliv ovenpå låseskærm
pref_ads_mode_dialog_title Adverts type Annonce type
pref_ads_mode_summary @null
pref_ads_mode_title Show adverts Vis annoncer
pref_app_language_dialog_title Language Sprog
pref_app_language_summary (All profiles) (Alle profiler)


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