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toastErrorAccessingExternalStorage Error accessing external storage Fejl ved adgang til eksternt lager
toastErrorPowerParametersVoid Please fill in Power parameters in Settings Udfyld venligst energi parametre i opsætning
toastSharingSuccess Successfully posted Sendt med succes
toastSharingError Error during sharing actions Fejl under delings proces
toastSharingPermissionsError Error posting, please check permissions Fejl ved afsendelse, venligst kontrollér tilladelser
toastSharingNoGpxError Error, no GPX file in the track
toastUpdatingSuccess Successfully updated Opdateret med succes
toastSoundsEnabled Sounds enabled Lyd aktiveret
toastSoundsDisabled Sounds disabled Lyd deaktiveret
toastSensorEnabled Sensor enabled Sensor aktiveret
toastSensorDisabled Sensor disabled Sensor deaktiveret
toastAutoThemeActivated Automatic visual theme activated Automatisk visuelt tema aktiveret
toastCancelled Canceled Annulleret
toastScreenPocketModeActive Pocket mode active Lomme tilstand aktiv
toastScreenWavingModeActive Waving mode active Vinke mode aktiv
notificationTitle @string/app_name
notificationTitleAdvanced %1$s
notificationTitleAdvancedPaused Paused: %1$s Sat på pause: %1$s
licenseSuccessDialogTitle @string/app_name
licenseSuccessDialogMessage The app was licensed successfully. Thank you for your support! Licensen blev aktiveret med succes. Tak for din støtte!
ongoingNotificationChannelName Ongoing notification Tilbagevendende notifikationer
ongoingNotificationChannelDescription Providing control of the foreground service and easy access to the app Giver kontrol af service i forgrunden og nem adgang til app'en
cautionTitle Caution Advarsel
dialog_default_color_light_title Light color theme Lyse farver tema
dialog_default_color_dark_title Dark color theme Mørke farver tema
dialog_default_map_track_colors_title Map track colors Kort rute farver
dialog_default_color_text This will load the default colors. Are you sure? Dette vil indlæse standard farver. Er du sikker?
dialog_defaultConfirmation Are you sure? Er du sikker?
dialog_volume_bell_text Bell Klokke
dialog_volume_roaring_text AVAS AVAS
dialog_volume_effects_text Effects Effekter
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