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pref_mapsFollowMode_title @string/dialogMapsFollowMode
pref_mapsFollowMode_summary Keep the map centered on your current location
pref_mapsFollowAutorotateMode_title @string/dialogMapsAutoRotate
pref_mapsFollowAutorotateMode_summary Keep the direction of travel pointing upwards
pref_mapsFollowAutoZoomMode_title @string/dialogMapsAutoZoom
pref_mapsFollowAutoZoomMode_summary Adjust map zoom level based on current speed
pref_button_profile_show_title Profile
pref_button_profile_show_summary Show the Profile button
pref_button_map_show_title Map
pref_button_map_show_summary Show the Map button
pref_button_flashlight_show_title Flashlight
pref_button_flashlight_show_summary Show the Flashlight button (if flashlight available)
pref_button_contrast_show_title Contrast/Map layer
pref_button_contrast_show_summary Show the Contrast/Map layer toggle button
pref_button_roar_show_title AVAS
pref_button_roar_show_summary Show the AVAS button
pref_button_menu_show_title Menu
pref_button_menu_show_summary Show the Menu button
pref_meter_lock_title Lock mode
pref_meter_lock_summary Prevents change of mode on click
pref_meter_modes_select_title Choose available modes…
pref_speedo_display_mode_dialog_title Speedo appearance
pref_powermeter_display_mode_title @null
pref_powermeter_display_mode_summary @null
pref_powermeter_display_mode_dialog_title Power display mode
pref_powermeter_parameters_info_summary For accurate power and energy readings, please make sure these parameters are correct!
pref_powermeter_roll_resist_info_summary Cᵣᵣ ranges from 0 to 10%, default is 1%. If using the AutoTerrain feature, assume a baseline value for smooth terrain (lower limit), as the app will generally increase the coefficient on rougher terrain.
pref_power_weights_title Weights
pref_power_weights_summary Driver: %1$s, Vehicle: %2$s, Cargo: %3$s, Passengers: %4$s, Wheels: %5$s
pref_power_coefs_title Coefficients
pref_power_coefs_summary Drag area: %1$s
Roll resist: %2$s
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