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toastTrackSaved Track saved.
toastTrackDiscarded Track discarded.
toastTrackSavingError Error saving track! Try resetting again.
toastTrackWritingError Error writing track data to storage! Try resetting again.
toastTrackZippingError Error zipping track! Try resetting again.
toastTrackMovingError Error moving track to USB storage! Try resetting again.
toastPressAgainToExit Press again to exit
toastTrackingRecording Recording
toastTrackingRecordingPassive Passive recording
toastTrackingPaused Paused
toastTrackingStopped Stopped
toastFenceGuardFenceAdded FenceGuard: Fence %1$s added
toastFenceGuardFenceAddingError FenceGuard: Error adding fence
toastFenceGuardFenceUpdated FenceGuard: Fence %1$s updated
toastFenceGuardFenceUpdatingError FenceGuard: Error updating fence
toastFenceGuardFenceRemoved FenceGuard: Fence %1$s removed
toastFenceGuardFenceRemovingError FenceGuard: Error removing fence
toastFenceGuardOutsideTheFence FenceGuard: You are currently not inside the fence
toastFenceGuardLocationUnavailable FenceGuard: Your location still not available
toastProfilesListNonemptyDelete Cannot delete — Profile contains some unsaved data! Please finish first.
toastProfilesListProfileCreated The profile has been created
toastProfilesListProfileDeleted The profile has been deleted
toastProfilesListProfileDeleteError Error deleting the profile
toastProfilesListProfileUpdated Profile updated
toastTrackDeleted Tracks deleted
toastTrackDeleteError Error deleting tracks
toastTrackResumed Track resumed
toastTrackResumeGpsActiveError Please turn off or pause the GPS first
toastProfileButtonClickInfo Long-click to switch profile
toastContrastButtonClickInfo Automatic visual theme is active
toastFlashlightButtonClickInfo Long-click to toggle the flashlight
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