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pref_fenceguard_summary Protect the location of your home, or other important places from being exposed in recorded tracks
pref_fenceguard_title FenceGuard
pref_fg_color_summary Pick the desired color for the text and icons
pref_fg_color_title Text color
pref_flashlightAutoPocketMode_summary Use proximity sensor to keep the flashlight off while not needed
pref_flashlightAutoPocketMode_title Pocket mode
pref_flashlightBlinkMode_dialogTitle Flashlight flickering
pref_flashlightBlinkMode_summary @null
pref_flashlightBlinkMode_title Mode
pref_flashlightBlinkModes_0 Slow (default)
pref_flashlightBlinkModes_1 Fast
pref_flashlightBlinkModes_2 None / Steady
pref_flashlightBlinkModeToggleEnable_summary Toggle flickering mode with a button click while the flashlight is turned on
pref_flashlightBlinkModeToggleEnable_title Button toggle
pref_gps_boost_dialog_title @string/pref_category_gps_boost_title
pref_gps_boost_modes_0 Map shown (default)
pref_gps_boost_modes_1 Screen on
pref_gps_boost_modes_2 Disabled
pref_gps_boost_modes_explanation_0 Force frequent GPS updates while the map is visible
pref_gps_boost_modes_explanation_1 Force frequent GPS updates while the screen is turned on
pref_gps_boost_modes_explanation_2 Never force frequent GPS updates
pref_gps_boost_summary %1$s
pref_gps_boost_title %1$s
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_0 Fastest
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_10 20 sec
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_11 30 sec
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_12 45 sec
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_13 1 min
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_2 Default
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_3 1 sec
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