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toastFenceGuardFenceAddingError FenceGuard: Error adding fence
toastFenceGuardFenceRemoved FenceGuard: Fence %1$s removed
toastFenceGuardFenceRemovingError FenceGuard: Error removing fence
toastFenceGuardFenceUpdated FenceGuard: Fence %1$s updated
toastFenceGuardFenceUpdatingError FenceGuard: Error updating fence
toastFenceGuardLocationUnavailable FenceGuard: Your location still not available
toastFenceGuardOutsideTheFence FenceGuard: You are currently not inside the fence
toastFlashlightButtonClickInfo Long-click to toggle the flashlight
toastGpsEnabled GPS turned on
toastLocationUnavailable Your location is still not available
toastMapButtonClickInfo Long-click to toggle the map
toastMapClickInfo Long-tap for map options
toastMapFollowingAutorotate Auto-rotate on
toastMapFollowingOff Follow off
toastMapFollowingOn Follow on
toastMapLayerTrafficOff Traffic off
toastMapLayerTrafficOn Traffic on
toastPressAgainToExit Press again to exit
toastProfileButtonClickInfo Long-click to switch profile
toastProfileChangeError Could not switch the profile! Please try again.
toastProfileSavingError Error saving profile data! Please try again.
toastProfilesListNonemptyDelete Cannot delete — Profile contains some unsaved data! Please finish first.
toastProfilesListProfileCreated The profile has been created
toastProfilesListProfileDeleted The profile has been deleted
toastProfilesListProfileDeleteError Error deleting the profile
toastProfilesListProfileUpdated Profile updated
toastRestartRequired Please restart the app for this to take effect
toastRoarButtonClickInfo Long-click to toggle the AVAS sound
toastScreenPocketModeActive Pocket mode active
toastScreensaverModeActive Screensaver mode active
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