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pref_haptic_feedback_summary @null
pref_haptic_feedback_intensity_title Vibration intensity
pref_haptic_feedback_intensity_summary @null
pref_soundsMasterSwitch_title All sounds
pref_soundsMasterSwitch_summary @null
pref_speechMasterSwitch_title Enable
pref_speechMasterSwitch_summary @null
pref_speechProfileName_title Profile name
pref_speechProfileName_summary (All profiles) Speak profile name on profile switch
pref_speechTrackingStatus_title Tracking
pref_speechTrackingStatus_summary Speak when tracking starts, stops, and pauses
pref_speechAutoPause_title Auto pause
pref_speechAutoPause_summary Speak on automatic pause and resume detection
pref_speechGnssStatus_title GPS
pref_speechGnssStatus_summary Speak on GPS status change (good, bad)
pref_speechTallies_title Tallies
pref_speechTallies_summary Speak tallies
pref_speechToasts_title Short notes
pref_speechToasts_summary Speak various short info notes
pref_speechCountdown_title Countdown
pref_speechCountdown_summary Speak countdown
pref_speechNavigation_title Navigation
pref_speechNavigation_summary Speak navigation
prefBarometricAltitudeTitle Barometric altitude
prefBarometricAltitudeSummary Use pressure sensor data to enhance altitude accuracy, if available
prefBaroAltitudeUsesTemperatureTitle Thermo barometer
prefBaroAltitudeUsesTemperatureSummary Use temperature sensor data for more accurate barometric altitudes, if available
prefBarometricAltitudeNoteSummary Use these only in the open atmosphere! Please disable while in pressurized, closed or air-conditioned vehicles like cars or airplanes!
prefBarometricAltitudeDisableAlert Disable barometric altitude?
prefTemperatureSensorDerivedTitle Use derived sensor
prefTemperatureSensorDerivedSummary This device does not have an ambient temperature sensor, but rough values can be derived using other internal sensors (such as CPU temperature).
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