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prefSteadyScreenModeOff Off
prefSteadyScreenModeOffInfo Never activate the SteadyScreen feature
prefSteadyScreenModeOn Active
prefSteadyScreenModeOnInfo Keep SteadyScreen feature always active during tracking. This may consume more battery.
prefSteadyScreenNote1 This feature helps you to see the screen a little more clearly while driving on bumpy terrain. The image on the screen is stabilized by applying rapid small movements that try to counteract external shaking.
prefSteadyScreenNote2 Please don't expect miracles. If this feature does not work well for you, simply disable it.
prefSteadyScreenTitle Screen stabilization
prefTemperatureSensorDerivedSummary This device does not have an ambient temperature sensor, but rough values can be derived using other internal sensors (such as CPU temperature).
prefTemperatureSensorDerivedTitle Use derived sensor
prefTrackingButtonModeSummary Click or long-click for Pause, separate button for Stop.
prefTrackingButtonModeTitle Alternative behavior
prefUnitsEnergyEntries_0 [kcal]
prefUnitsEnergyEntries_1 [kJ]
prefUnitsEnergyEntries_2 [kWh]
prefUnitsEnergyEntries_3 [Liters of gasoline]
prefUnitsPowerEntries_0 [W]
prefUnitsPowerEntries_1 [HP]
prefUnitsPowerEntries_2 [kcal/h]
prefUnitsPowerEntries_3 [kJ/h]
prefUnitsSlopeEntries_0 Percent [%]
prefUnitsSlopeEntries_1 Degree [°]
prefUnitsSlopeEntries_2 Per mille [‰]
priceFree FREE
priceLoading @string/loading
profileNameDefault New Profile
profilesListAddProfile New profile
profilesListButtonResetTotals Reset totals
profilesListProfileNotUsed (unused)
profilesListRowLastActivity %1$s
profilesListRowTotalsSince Totals since: %1$s
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