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chartsTitle Charts
tracksHistoryListTitle Tracks history
tracksHistoryListTitleSelect Select
tracksHistoryListEmpty No tracks here. Go out and record an activity!
tracksHistoryListLoading Loading…
tracksHistoryGrantAccess Missing tracks?
Click here to grant read-only access to a custom tracks folder…
tracksHistoryListNoMap Map was not recorded.
tracksHistoryListButtonView View
tracksHistoryListButtonShare Share
tracksHistoryListButtonUpload Upload
tracksHistoryListButtonResume Resume
tracksHistoryListButtonEdit Edit
tracksHistoryListButtonDelete Delete
tracksHistoryListShareTrackDialogTitle Share track to…
tracksHistoryListViewTrackDialogTitle View track with…
tracksHistoryChartEmptyInfo Nothing to show
powerSourceWeightTitle Power source weight
powerSourceWeightInfo When translating power (watts) into specific power (watts per unit weight), a weight must be given.

This is usually the weight of the entity providing a driving force.

Note: Vertical power is always computed using Total weight.
powerSourceWeight_0 Total
powerSourceWeight_1 Driver
powerSourceWeight_2 Vehicle
powerSourceWeight_3 Driver + Vehicle
summaryProfileName Profile
summaryProfileNameInfo Profile used to record this track.
summaryDeviceName Device
summaryDeviceNameInfo Device used to record this track.
summaryTotalWeight Total weight
summaryTotalWeightInfo Sum of all weights used while recording this track (rider, vehicle, cargo, …).
summaryDriverWeight Driver weight
summaryDriverWeightInfo Weight of the driver (or rider) used while recording this track.
summaryVehicleWeight Vehicle weight


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