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prefMapOnlineModeEntries_1 Offline
prefMapTrackColorTitle Track color
prefMeterSettingsNoteSummary More settings are available via a menu accessed by long-clicking on a meter field.
prefNoSoundInsideFenceSummary Do not make sounds while inside a fence, except for the alarms.
prefNoSoundInsideFenceTitle No sounds inside fence
prefNotificationAlwaysSummary Show app notification icon in system status bar at all times, not only when tracking is active.
prefNotificationAlwaysTitle Persistent notification
prefOnlineMapsProviderTitle Online map provider
prefPressureSensorOffsetInfo This constant is added to pressure readouts and can be used to mitigate sensor bias, if present.
prefPressureSensorOffsetTitle Pressure offset
prefProhibitLocationAlertInfo Location will never be turned on nor used during activity, so map will not be available.

Data will be acquired exclusively from other sensors where available (Power, Speed, Cadence, Heart rate, Steps, Environment).
prefProhibitLocationSummary Prevent GPS during activity
prefProhibitLocationTitle Do not use Location
prefScreenPocketModeDelayEntries_0 No delay (default)
prefScreenPocketModeDelayEntries_1 0.10 seconds
prefScreenPocketModeDelayEntries_2 0.20 seconds
prefScreenPocketModeDelayEntries_3 0.30 seconds
prefScreenPocketModeDelayEntries_4 0.40 seconds
prefScreenPocketModeDelayEntries_5 0.50 seconds
prefScreenPocketModeDelayEntries_6 0.75 seconds
prefScreenPocketModeDelayEntries_7 1 second
prefScreensaverDimBrightnessEntries_0 Minimum
prefScreensaverDimBrightnessEntries_1 ⅕ of the current brightness
prefScreensaverDimBrightnessEntries_2 ⅓ of the current brightness (default)
prefScreensaverDimBrightnessEntries_3 ½ of the current brightness
prefScreensaverDimBrightnessEntries_4 Leave as is
prefScreensaverTimeoutEntries_0 5 seconds
prefScreensaverTimeoutEntries_1 10 seconds
prefScreensaverTimeoutEntries_2 15 seconds
prefScreensaverTimeoutEntries_3 20 seconds (default)


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