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dialogThermoBarometerNoticeTitle Notice
dialogThermoBarometerNoticeMessage Thermo Barometer depends on outdoor air temperature for accuracy.

Please do not use it in closed or air-conditioned spaces like some vehicles and airplanes.
dialogResetTitle Finish
dialogResetMessage Save this track and prepare for a new one?
dialogResetNoTrackMessage No track was recorded. Reset the meters now?
dialogScreenHudMode HUD mirror mode
dialogScreenOrientationAuto Automatic
dialogScreenOrientationPortrait Portrait
dialogScreenOrientationLandscape Landscape
dialogScreenOrientationReversePortrait Portrait (reverse)
dialogScreenOrientationReverseLandscape Landscape (reverse)
dialogScreenBrightnessOverride Brightness
dialogScreenAutoTheme Auto theme
dialogMapsOffline Offline maps
dialogMapsLayerTraffic Traffic
dialogMapsShowFences Fences
dialogMapsShowRoutes Guide routes
dialogMapsFollowMode Follow
dialogMapsAutoRotate Auto rotate
dialogMapsAutoZoom Auto zoom
dialogMapsHighResolution Hi-res map
dialogMapsRenderTerrain Render terrain
dialogMapsWeatherRadar Precipitation radar
dialogMapsTrackColor Track hue:
dialogMapsTrackColorAltitude @string/infoMeterModeAltitudeTitle
dialogMapsTrackColorSpeed @string/infoMeterModeSpeedTitle
dialogMapsTrackColorPace @string/infoMeterModePaceTitle
dialogMapsTrackColorDuration @string/infoMeterModeDurationTitle
dialogMapsTrackColorElapsed @string/summaryTotalTime
dialogMapsTrackColorHeartRate @string/infoMeterModeHeartRateTitle
dialogMapsTrackColorCadence @string/infoMeterModeCadenceTitle
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