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pref_maps_offline_terrain_info_title Download now
pref_maps_offline_terrain_info_summary Open up download page at
pref_maps_offline_terrain_usage_summary Usage: Extract .hgt files from the downloaded zip(s) and place them in the same folder where the offline map file resides (do not use separate subfolder).
pref_mapsOfflineLayerButtonActionTitle Layer button action
pref_mapsOfflineLayerButtonActionSummary (All profiles) Choose what to do when layer button gets pressed
pref_mapsWeatherPrecipitationRadar_title Precipitation radar
pref_mapsWeatherPrecipitationRadar_summary Show precipitation radar layer
pref_mapsWeatherPrecipitationRadar_info Radar data is downloaded from the Internet, even when offline maps are used. It is automatically refreshed every 10 minutes while map is visible. Data source is
pref_mapsWeatherAnimate_title Animate
pref_mapsWeatherAnimate_summary Animate last 1 hour of radar data, to help you visualize the precipitation trend
pref_mapsWeatherAnimateForecast_title Forecast
pref_mapsWeatherAnimateForecast_summary Also animate 30 minutes of radar forecast in different colors
pref_mapsWeatherAnimate_info Radar animation can use up to 5x more Internet data than a static radar image.
pref_mapsWeatherCoverage_title Coverage mask
pref_mapsWeatherCoverage_summary Shade areas where there is no precipitation radar coverage
pref_button_profile_show_title Profile
pref_button_profile_show_summary Show the Profile button
pref_button_map_show_title Map
pref_button_map_show_summary Show the Map button
pref_button_flashlight_show_title Flashlight
pref_button_flashlight_show_summary Show the Flashlight button (if flashlight available)
pref_button_contrast_show_title Contrast/Map layer
pref_button_contrast_show_summary Show the Contrast/Map layer toggle button
pref_button_roar_show_title AVAS
pref_button_roar_show_summary Show the AVAS button
pref_button_menu_show_title Menu
pref_button_menu_show_summary Show the Menu button
pref_meter_lock_title Lock mode
pref_meter_lock_summary Prevents change of mode on click
pref_meter_modes_select_title Choose available modes…
pref_speedo_display_mode_dialog_title Speedo appearance
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