Key English Spanish
meterModeSpeedVertical climb speed velocidad vertical
meterModeSpeedVerticalShort c spd V vel
meterModeStepCadence step cadence cadencia de pasos
meterModeStepCadenceShort step cad cad pasos
meterModeStepCount steps pasos
meterModeStepCountShort steps pasos
meterModeTemperature temperature temperatura
meterModeTemperatureShort temp temp
meterModeVerticalPower climb power potencia vertical
meterModeVerticalPowerShort c pwr pot v
meterModeWriggle wriggle desvío
meterModeWriggleShort wrig serp
meterTextAvg avg media
meterTextMax max máx
meterTextMin min mín
meterTextRelative rel rel
meterTextTotal tot tot
meterVerticalWeight Vertical weight Peso vertical
na N/A N/A
navigationAvoidFerries Avoid ferries Evite los ferries
navigationAvoidIndoor Avoid indoor Evite el interior
navigationAvoidMotorways Avoid motorways Evite las autopistas
navigationAvoidTolls Avoid tolls Evitar los peajes
navigationContinue Continue Continuar
navigationDestinationReached Destination Destino
navigationGotOffRoute Off route Fuera de ruta
navigationHidePrompt Hide Esconder
navigationLoadFromFilePrompt An error occurred while loading new directions from the Internet.

Do you want to load previously used directions from a file?
Se produjo un error al cargar nuevas direcciones desde Internet.

¿Quieres cargar direcciones utilizadas anteriormente desde un archivo?
navigationLoadingData Loading directions… Cargando direcciones…
navigationRerouteCmd Click to reroute Haga clic para redirigir


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