English dialog_fenceguard_update_entries
Key English Persian
dialogStoragePermissionRequestTitle Storage permission
dialogStoragePermissionRequest The app needs to access the storage so it can save or restore your tracks and settings.

Without giving the permission you won't be able to see tracks history or share tracks, and you could loose your data.
dialogCameraPermissionRequestTitle Camera permission
dialogCameraPermissionRequest Permission is needed so the app can activate the flashlight.
dialogPermissionProblemMessage This permission is needed for the app to function properly. It can be granted in the App permissions settings page.

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این اجازه برای عملکرد صحیح برنامه لازم است.در صفحهٔ تنظیمات اجازه های برنامه میتوانید به این مجوز دسترسی پیدا کنید.

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dialogActivityRecognitionPermissionRequestTitle Physical activity permission
dialogActivityRecognitionPermissionRequest Permission is needed so the app can use built-in sensors like Step Detector sensor.
dialogScreenshotTitle Screenshot
dialogGoogleMapTermsViolation Google does not permit capturing contents of their maps, so map type must first be changed to any other.

Change map type now?
dialogWaitTitle Please wait
dialogScreenshotPreparing Preparing screenshot…
dialogLoginUsernameHint Username
dialogLoginPasswordHint Password
dialogCloudAccountDisconnectMessage Disconnect this account?
dialog_fenceguard_add_entries_0 Add fence
dialog_fenceguard_update_entries_0 Update fence
dialog_fenceguard_update_entries_1 Remove fence
dialogTracksShareChoices_0 ZIPs (complete)
dialogTracksShareChoices_1 GPX only
mapLayerStreet Street خیابان
mapLayerTerrain Terrain عوارض زمین شناسی
mapLayerSatellite Satellite ماهواره
mapMarkerMyLocation My location
mapMarkerStart Start
mapMarkerFinish Finish
unitKm km ک.م
unitKmh km/h ک.م/س
unitMiles mi مایل
unitMph mph مایل/س
unitMinPerKm min/km حداقل/ک.م
unitMinPerKmShort /km /ک.م
Key English Persian
dialog_default_color_dark_title Dark color theme تم رنگ تیره
dialog_default_color_light_title Light color theme تم رنگ روشن
dialog_default_color_text This will load the default colors. Are you sure? این باعث بارگذاری رنگهای پیش فرض میشود.مطمئنید؟
dialog_default_map_track_colors_title Map track colors
dialog_defaultConfirmation Are you sure?
dialog_exit_msg Warning: Tracking is active, and will be stopped. اخطار: ثبت مییر فعال است و متوقف خواهد شد
dialog_exit_title @string/app_name
dialog_fenceguard_add_entries_0 Add fence
dialog_fenceguard_add_text Name a new fence: نام گذاری یک حصار جدید
dialog_fenceguard_add_text2 Fence will be raised around your current location to protect it from being exposed in recorded tracks. اطراف موقعیت فعلی شما حصاری ایجاد خواهد شد تا این مکان در مسیرهای ضبط شده شما به نمایش در نیاید
dialog_fenceguard_add_title Add fence افزودن حصار
dialog_fenceguard_remove_defaultText Are you sure to remove the fence? برای حذف حصار مطمئنید؟
dialog_fenceguard_remove_formatText Are you sure to remove the fence %1$s?
dialog_fenceguard_remove_title Remove fence حذف حصار
dialog_fenceguard_title @string/menuFenceguard
dialog_fenceguard_update_entries_0 Update fence
dialog_fenceguard_update_entries_1 Remove fence
dialog_fenceguard_update_text Fence name: نام حصار
dialog_fenceguard_update_text2 Fence raised around your location protects it from being exposed in recorded tracks. حصاری که اطراف موقعیت فعلی شما کشیده شده باعث عدم نمایش این مکان در مسیرهای ضبط شدهٔ شما میشود
dialog_fenceguard_update_title Update fence به روزرسانی حصار
dialog_track_save_text Distance %1$.3f %2$s
Duration %3$s

The track seems very short. Save this track?
dialog_volume_alarms_text Alarms
dialog_volume_bell_text Bell زنگ
dialog_volume_effects_text Effects افکت ها
dialog_volume_message Note: Use volume buttons on your device to adjust overall sound volume. توجه:برای تنظیم شدت صداها از کلیدهای موبایل خودتان استفاده کنید
dialog_volume_roaring_text AVAS
dialog_volume_speech_text Speech
dialog_volume_tallies_text Tallies
dialogActivityRecognitionPermissionRequest Permission is needed so the app can use built-in sensors like Step Detector sensor.
dialogActivityRecognitionPermissionRequestTitle Physical activity permission
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