English sensorFilterInterval
Key English French
prefScreenPocketModeDelayEntries_6 0.75 seconds
prefScreenPocketModeDelayEntries_7 1 second
svgCopyright Created with Urban Biker Créé avec Urban Biker
trackUploadDescriptionDefault Tracked using Urban Biker mobile app Parcours créé par l'application mobile Urban Biker
trackUploadActivityTypes_0 Bike Vélo
trackUploadActivityTypes_1 Run Course
trackUploadActivityTypes_2 Walk Marche
trackUploadActivityTypes_3 Hike Randonnée
trackUploadActivityTypes_4 Swim Nage
trackUploadActivityTypes_5 Surf Surf
trackUploadActivityTypes_6 Sail Voile
trackUploadActivityTypes_7 Skateboard Planche à roulettes
trackUploadActivityTypes_8 Ski Ski
trackUploadActivityTypes_9 Snowboard Planche à neige
trackUploadActivityTypes_10 Other Autre
sensorFilterInterval_0 3 seconds (default)
sensorFilterInterval_1 5 seconds
sensorFilterInterval_2 7 seconds
sensorFilterInterval_3 10 seconds
prefAdModes_0 Any Tout
prefAdModes_1 Google Google
prefAdModes_2 AppBrain AppBrain
prefAdModes_3 None Aucun
menuLicense Upgrade Acheter une licence
dialogReviewNudgeMessage Are you enjoying Urban Biker? Aimez-vous utiliser Urban Biker ?
dialogReviewNudgeMessage2 Thanks! Please write a nice review or rate us 5 stars on the Play Store. Merci ! Veuillez publier votre expérience positive ou nous donner 5 étoiles sur le Play Store.
dialogButtonRateOnPlayStore Rate on Play Store Laisser une évaluation sur le Play Store
dialogAppOptimizedPromptTitle Battery optimization Optimisation de la pile
dialogAppOptimizedPromptMessage Urban Biker should be exempt from battery optimizations, otherwise it may not work properly.

Open Settings now?
Urban Biker doit être exclu de l'optimisation de la pile sans quoi l'application ne fonctionnera pas correctement.

Ouvrir les paramètres maintenant ?
batteryOptimizationToast Select Urban Biker from the list
licenseItemAlreadyOwned License item already owned Licence déjà possédée
Key English French
proLicenseFeatures 🔹 No ads 🔹 Pas de publicité
proLicenseLabel Pro Pro
proLicenseTitle Pro License Licence Pro
proPlusLicenseDescription Remove ads and unlock all non-subscription features we may add in the future Supprimez les annonces et déverrouillez toutes les fonctionnalités sans abonnement que nous pourrions ajouter ultérieurement
proPlusLicenseFeatures 🔹 No ads
🔹 Extra donation
🔹 Pas de pub
🔹 Sans publicités
proPlusLicenseLabel Pro+ Pro+
proPlusLicenseTitle Pro Plus License Licence Pro Plus
rewardedAdDescription Click here to watch an ad first Cliquez ici pour visualiser premier une annonce
rewardedAdLoading Loading ad… Pub en chargement…
rewardedAdPriceFree FREE (valid for this session) Gratuit (pour cette session)
rewardedLicenseSuccess License successfully awarded Licence attribuée avec succès
roarModeConstant const const
sensorAddedMsg Sensor added to the profile Capteur ajouté au profil
sensorDeleteConfirmDialogMsg Forget this sensor? Supprimer ce capteur ?
sensorDeletedMsg Sensor forgotten Capteur supprimé
sensorFilterInterval_0 3 seconds (default)
sensorFilterInterval_1 5 seconds
sensorFilterInterval_2 7 seconds
sensorFilterInterval_3 10 seconds
sensorMenuAddToProfile Add to the profile Ajouter au profil
sensorMenuDelete Forget Supprimer
sensorMenuDisable Disable Désactiver
sensorMenuEnable Enable Activer
sensorMenuProperties Properties Propriétés
sensorMenuRemoveFromProfile Remove from the profile Retiré du profil
sensorProperitesActivityRecognition Physical activity recognition
sensorProperitesActivityRecognitionInfo Sensor will provide data only when your physical activity is recognized to be compatible with sensor purpose. For example, Step sensor will count steps while walking or running, not while riding a bike. Note, this may not be accurate and can be laggy. Google Play services are required.
sensorProperitesCadenceTriggers Cadence triggers Déclencheurs de cadence
sensorProperitesEnableFiltering Data filtering Filtrage des données
sensorProperitesEnableFilteringInfo This will perform additional filtering on sensor data, possibly improving accuracy, but introducing a few seconds of delay. Disabled by default.


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