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infoMeterModeHeartRateTitle Heart rate
infoMeterModeHeartRateMsg Number of heartbeats per minute.
infoMeterModeGearRatioTitle Gear ratio
infoMeterModeGearRatioMsg Ratio of wheel revolutions vs. pedal turns per time unit, i.e. ratio of front sprocket and rear sprocket sizes. Higher number means higher gear.
infoMeterModeKineticEnergyTitle Kinetic energy
infoMeterModeKineticEnergyMsg Height above ground level where your potential energy would equal your current kinetic energy.

In other words, your speed is equal to the speed you'd have after falling from this height (disregarding air resistance).

Likewise, it's the height you'd achieve by going straight up using your kinetic energy content only.
infoMeterModeStepCadenceTitle Step cadence
infoMeterModeStepCadenceMsg Number of steps per minute.
infoMeterModeStepCountTitle Steps
infoMeterModeStepCountMsg Number of steps taken.
infoMeterModeRadiusTitle Radius
infoMeterModeRadiusMsg Beeline distance from the initial position of the track, i.e. displacement.
infoAutopauseForcedRelaxed Note: Auto Pause forced to Relaxed
infoAutopauseForcedOff Note: Auto Pause forced to Off
infoDigitalFilterNotice Please note: This can be delayed from the real time by a minute or so, due to inevitable digital filtering delays.
defaultProfileNameBike1 Bike 1 🚴
defaultProfileNameBike2 Bike 2 🚵
defaultProfileNameWalk Walk 👣
defaultProfileNameRun Run 🏃
defaultProfileNameCar Car 🚘
defaultProfileNamePlane Plane 🛩️
defaultProfileNameIndoor Indoor 🏠
defaultProfileNameScooter Scooter 🛴
defaultProfileNameSki Ski 🎿
defaultProfileNameOther Other
meterModes_None None
meterModes_0 Duration
meterModes_1 Distance
meterModes_2 Speed
meterModes_3 Altitude
meterModes_4 Ascent


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