Key English Italian
controlPanelLocationButton Location Posizione
controlPanelMapHideButtonSubtitle Click to hide the map Fai clic per nascondere la mappa
controlPanelMapHideButtonTitle Hide map Nascondi mappa
controlPanelMapSettingsButtonSubtitle Click for map options Fai clic per le opzioni della mappa
controlPanelMapSettingsButtonTitle Map options Opzioni mappa
controlPanelMapShowButtonSubtitle Click to show the map Fai clic per mostrare la mappa
controlPanelMapShowButtonTitle Show map Mostra mappa
controlPanelScreenOrientation Screen orientation Orientazione schermo
controlPanelScreenshotButtonSubtitle Click to share screenshot Fai clic per condividere la schermata
controlPanelScreenshotButtonTitle Screenshot Schermata
controlPanelSensorsButtonSubtitle Click to manage sensors Fai clic per gestire i sensori
controlPanelSensorsButtonTitle Sensors Sensori
controlPanelSoundAlarms Alarms Allarmi
controlPanelSoundAutoBell Automatic bell Campanello automatico
controlPanelSoundEffects Effects Effetti
controlPanelSoundRoar AVAS AVAS
controlPanelSoundSpeech Speech Avviso vocale
controlPanelSoundTallies Tallies Conteggi
controlPanelSoundVolume Volumes Volumi
controlPanelUnitsButtonSubtitle Click to change units Fai clic per cambiare unità
controlPanelUnitsButtonTitle Units of measure Unità di misura
copyrightVersionInfo <b>v%1$s</b> (%2$s)
defaultProfileNameBike1 Bike 1 🚴 Bici 1 🚴
defaultProfileNameBike2 Bike 2 🚵 Bici 2 🚵
defaultProfileNameCar Car 🚘 Auto 🚘
defaultProfileNameIndoor Indoor 🏠 De interni 🏠
defaultProfileNameOther Other Altro
defaultProfileNamePlane Plane 🛩️ Aereo 🛩️
defaultProfileNameRun Run 🏃 Corsa 🏃
defaultProfileNameScooter Scooter 🛴 Scooter 🛴
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Translated Urban Biker/Strings Suono AVAS
Translated Urban Biker/Strings
Translated Urban Biker/Strings
Translated Urban Biker/Strings


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