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prefMapGuideRouteColorTitle Guide route color ルートガイドの色
prefActivityRecognitionNoteSummary These options rely on Android's physical activity recognition feature. It may not be accurate and can be laggy, use only if you are okay with that. Will work best when a speed sensor is used for distance and duration. これらのオプションは,Androidの身体活動認識機能に依存しています.正確性に欠け,ラグ発生の可能性があるため,それを許容できる場合にのみ使用してください.距離と時間については,スピードセンサーを使用した場合に最も効果的です.
prefGnssActivityRecognitionTitle Reduce location noise 位置情報ノイズ低減
prefGnssActivityRecognitionSummary Recognize standing still vs. moving for GPS. May introduce delays and some lost distance after a break, but will prevent most GPS noise. GPSで停止と移動を認識します.遅れが生じたり、休憩後に距離を失ったりすることがありますが,ほとんどのGPSノイズを防止できます.
prefGnssAutomaticSleepTitle GPS automatic sleep GPS 自動スリープ
prefGnssAutomaticSleepSummary Turn off location automatically while being still, and back on when movement starts. This reduces battery usage on longer breaks, without the need to stop the tracking. 停止時に自動的に位置情報をオフにし,動き出すとオンにします.これにより,長時間の休憩時にもトラッキングを停止する必要がなく,バッテリー使用量を削減できます.
prefAppVisualThemeSummary (All profiles) (すべてのプロファイル)
prefAppVisualThemeTitle @null
prefAppVisualThemeDialogTitle App visual theme
prefAutoTerrainTitle AutoTerrain
prefAutoTerrainSummary Sense terrain roughness by measuring vibrations, and adjust the rolling resistance coefficient (Cᵣᵣ) accordingly when computing power.
prefAutoTerrainNote1Summary Device should be held fixed to a vehicle (e.g. on a bike handlebars), and not in a hand or in a pocket while using this.
prefAutoTerrainNote2Summary Powers obtained using a power sensor are not affected by this feature. パワーセンサーで取得したパワーは,この機能の影響を受けません.
prefMeterSettingsNoteSummary More settings are available via a menu accessed by long-clicking on a meter field. メーターを長押しして表示されるメニューから,詳細な設定を行うことができます.
prefTrackingButtonModeTitle Alternative behavior
prefTrackingButtonModeSummary Click or long-click for Pause, separate button for Stop.
infoMeterModeDistanceTitle Distance 距離
infoMeterModeDistanceMsg Distance traveled. 走行(移動)距離.
infoMeterModeDistanceOdoTitle Odometer オドメーター
infoMeterModeDistanceOdoMsg Total distance traveled since first profile use. 選択されたプロファイルの総走行距離.
infoMeterModeDurationTitle Duration 移動時間
infoMeterModeDurationMsg Duration of the trip, possibly excluding any pauses or stops. 移動時間.経過時間から停止している時間を除いたもの.
infoMeterModeElapsedTitle Elapsed time 経過時間
infoMeterModeElapsedMsg Duration of the trip, including all pauses but excluding stops. 経過時間.すべての休憩を含むが,中断は除く.
infoMeterModeEnergyTitle Energy エネルギー
infoMeterModeEnergyMsg Energy spent for the trip, taking efficiency and BMR into account. 移動時の消費エネルギー,移動効率および基礎代謝より算出します.
infoMeterModeEfficacyTitle Efficacy (cumulative) 効率 (累積)
infoMeterModeEfficacyMsg Part of the energy spent that would suffice to make the same trip by moving at a constant speed equal to the average speed. Higher is better. 現在の消費エネルギーに対する,平均速度で走り続けた場合の消費エネルギーの割合,高いほうがよい.
infoMeterModeAscentTitle Ascent 上昇
infoMeterModeAscentMsg Cumulative altitude gain (climb). 累積上昇高度 (登り).
infoMeterModeDescentTitle Descent 下降
Key English Japanese
prefScreensaverDimBrightnessEntries_1 ⅕ of the current brightness 現在の ⅕
prefScreensaverDimBrightnessEntries_2 ⅓ of the current brightness (default) 現在の ⅓ (デフォルト)
prefScreensaverDimBrightnessEntries_3 ½ of the current brightness 現在の ½
prefScreensaverDimBrightnessEntries_4 Leave as is
prefScreensaverTimeoutEntries_0 5 seconds 5秒
prefScreensaverTimeoutEntries_1 10 seconds 10秒
prefScreensaverTimeoutEntries_2 15 seconds 15秒
prefScreensaverTimeoutEntries_3 20 seconds (default) 20秒 (デフォルト)
prefScreensaverTimeoutEntries_4 30 seconds 30秒
prefScreensaverTimeoutEntries_5 45 seconds 45秒
prefScreensaverTimeoutEntries_6 1 minute 1分
prefScreensaverTimeoutEntries_7 2 minutes 2分
prefScreensaverTimeoutEntries_8 5 minutes 5分
prefTemperatureSensorDerivedSummary This device lacks ambient temperature sensor, but it can be derived using other sensors. Please read more in Help. この装置には温度センサーがありませんが,他のセンサーから推定が可能です.ヘルプを参照.
prefTemperatureSensorDerivedTitle Use derived sensor 他のセンサーを使用
prefTrackingButtonModeSummary Click or long-click for Pause, separate button for Stop.
prefTrackingButtonModeTitle Alternative behavior
prefUnitsEnergyEntries_0 [kcal] [kcal]
prefUnitsEnergyEntries_1 [kJ] [kJ]
prefUnitsEnergyEntries_2 [kWh] [kWh]
prefUnitsEnergyEntries_3 [Liters of petrol] ガソリン1リットル相当[Liters of petrol]
prefUnitsPowerEntries_0 [W] ワット[W]
prefUnitsPowerEntries_1 [HP] 馬力[HP]
prefUnitsPowerEntries_2 [kcal/h] キロカロリー毎時[kcal/h]
prefUnitsPowerEntries_3 [kJ/h] キロジュール毎時[kJ/h]
prefUnitsSlopeEntries_0 Percent [%] パーセント [%]
prefUnitsSlopeEntries_1 Degree [°] 度 [°]
prefUnitsSlopeEntries_2 Per mille [‰] パーミル [‰]
priceFree FREE 無料
priceLoading @string/loading


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