Key English Japanese
dialogFencesShowFences Show fences 保護エリアを表示する
dialogPowerWeightsTitle Weights 重量
dialogPowerWeightsRotInertiaTitle Rotational inertia 回転慣性
dialogPowerWeightsWeightRider Driver ライダーの体重
dialogPowerWeightsWeightVehicle Vehicle 車重
dialogPowerWeightsWeightCargo Cargo 荷物
dialogPowerWeightsWeightPassengers Passengers 同乗者
dialogPowerWeightsWeightWheels Wheels ホイール
dialogPowerParamsTitle Power loss coefficients パワーロス係数
dialogPowerParamsDragArea Air drag area (Cd·A) 空気抵抗領域 (Cd·A)
dialogPowerParamsRollResist Rolling resistance coef. (Crr) 転がり抵抗係数 (Crr)
dialogEnergyParamsTitle Energy parameters エネルギー
dialogEnergyParamsEfficiency Overall thermal efficiency (η) 全温度効率 (η)
dialogEnergyParamsBmr Basal metabolic rate (BMR) 基礎代謝率 (BMR)
dialogFileChooseSelectFolder Select this folder このフォルダーを選択
dialogMapsDownloadTitle Offline maps download オフライン地図をダウンロード
dialogMapsDownloadText Open the downloads web page now? ダウンロードサイトにアクセスしますか?
dialogMapsTerrainDownloadTitle Terrain download 地形図ダウンロード
dialogOpenRainviewerText Open web page now? webページ をいま開きますか?
dialogTrackEditTitleHint Title タイトル
dialogTrackEditNotesHint Notes メモ
dialogTrackUploadWaitTitle Please wait お待ち下さい
dialogTrackUploadPreparing Preparing track data… 走行記録データを準備中 …
dialogTrackUploadSending Sending… 送信中 …
dialogTrackUploadDescriptionHint Share your thoughts… アイデアを教えてください …
dialogTrackUploadShareButton Share 共有
dialogTrackUploadShareAgainButton Share again 再度、共有
dialogTrackUploadUpdateButton Update 更新
dialogTrackUploadActivityType Activity type 活動型
dialogTrackUploadPlatform Online service オンラインサービス
dialogTrackUploadStravaIsCommute Commute Stravaとの連携
Key English Japanese
dialogGpsIntervalNote Keep this value below 3 sec to get the most accurate readings and consistent behavior! 3秒以下に設定すると、正確・確実です!
dialogGpsIntervalTitle GPS update interval GPS 受信間隔
dialogGpsIntervalValue %1$s
dialogGpsSettingsPromptMessage You won't be able to use most of the features of this app without Location.

Please make sure the Location is enabled and set to 'High accuracy' mode.

Open Location Settings now?


dialogGpsSettingsPromptTitle Location is turned off 位置情報オフ
dialogHapticIntensityTitle @string/pref_haptic_feedback_intensity_title
dialogLocationPermissionRequest The app needs to access your location to record your outdoor activities. 戸外活動を記録するために、位置情報が必要です。
dialogLocationPermissionRequestForBt Location permission is needed to find Bluetooth devices.

No Bluetooth devices will be found if the permission is rejected.

dialogLocationPermissionRequestTitle Location permission 位置情報許諾
dialogLoginPasswordHint Password
dialogLoginUsernameHint Username
dialogMapsAutoRotate Auto rotate 自動回転
dialogMapsAutoZoom Auto zoom 自動拡大
dialogMapsChooseTitle Choose map
dialogMapsDownloadText Open the downloads web page now? ダウンロードサイトにアクセスしますか?
dialogMapsDownloadTitle Offline maps download オフライン地図をダウンロード
dialogMapsFollowMode Follow 追跡
dialogMapsHighResolution Hi-res map 高解像地図
dialogMapsLayerTraffic Traffic 交通情報
dialogMapsMapCount %1$s maps %1$s マップ
dialogMapsOffline Offline maps オフライン地図
dialogMapsRenderTerrain Render terrain ルートを描画
dialogMapsShowFences Fences 保護エリア
dialogMapsShowRoutes Guide routes ナビ
dialogMapsTerrainDownloadTitle Terrain download 地形図ダウンロード
dialogMapsTrackColor Track hue: アクティビティ表示の色:
dialogMapsTrackColorAltitude @string/infoMeterModeAltitudeTitle
dialogMapsTrackColorCadence @string/infoMeterModeCadenceTitle
dialogMapsTrackColorDuration @string/infoMeterModeDurationTitle
dialogMapsTrackColorElapsed @string/summaryTotalTime


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