English prefUnitsSlopeEntries
Key English Dutch
pref_units_speed_entries_1 Imperial [mph] Imperiaal [mph]
pref_units_altitude_entries_0 Metric [m] Metrisch [m]
pref_units_altitude_entries_1 Imperial [ft] Imperiaal [ft]
pref_units_weight_entries_0 Metric [kg] Metrisch [kg]
pref_units_weight_entries_1 Imperial [lb] Imperiaal [lb]
pref_units_other_entries_0 Metric Metrisch
pref_units_other_entries_1 Imperial Imperiaal
prefUnitsEnergyEntries_0 [kcal] [kcal]
prefUnitsEnergyEntries_1 [kJ] [kJ]
prefUnitsEnergyEntries_2 [kWh] [kWh]
prefUnitsEnergyEntries_3 [Liters of petrol] [Liters brandstof]
prefUnitsPowerEntries_0 [W] [W]
prefUnitsPowerEntries_1 [HP] [HP]
prefUnitsPowerEntries_2 [kcal/h] [kcal/u]
prefUnitsPowerEntries_3 [kJ/h] [kJ/u]
prefUnitsSlopeEntries_0 Percent [%] Procent [%]
prefUnitsSlopeEntries_1 Degree [°]
prefUnitsSlopeEntries_2 Per mille [‰]
pref_hud_axis_entries_0 Default — Statusbar at its natural position Standaard — Statusbalk op natuurlijke positie
pref_hud_axis_entries_1 Upside down — More practical device handling Ondersteboven — Praktischer apparaat bediening
pref_bell_mode_entries_0 Ding Ding
pref_bell_mode_entries_1 Ring-ring Ring-ring
pref_bell_mode_entries_2 Horn Hoorn
pref_bell_mode_entries_3 Yoo-hoo Joehoe
pref_roaring_type_entries_0 Freehub Freehub
pref_roaring_type_entries_1 Beep Beep
pref_roaring_type_entries_2 Chopper Motor
pref_roaring_type_entries_3 Electric vehicle
pref_roaring_mode_entries_0 Auto rate and volume
pref_roaring_mode_entries_1 Auto rate
pref_roaring_mode_entries_2 Auto volume


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Please note, this is NOT a regular percent sign in parentheses! Rather, it is a "FULLWIDTH PERCENT SIGN", with unicode code point U+FF05.

It's best to simply copy this character into the translation. This is important to prevent the app crash which otherwise happens when the regular percent sign is used here and the user tries to change the Slope units preference!

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