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dialogActivityRecognitionPermissionRequestTitle Physical activity permission Fysieke activiteiten toestemming
dialogActivityRecognitionPermissionRequest Permission is needed so the app can use built-in sensors like Step Detector sensor. Toestemming is nodig zodat de app ingebouwde sensors zoals Step Detector kan gebruiken.
dialogScreenshotTitle Screenshot Schermafdruk
dialogGoogleMapTermsViolation Google does not permit capturing contents of their maps, so map type must first be changed to any other.

Change map type now?
Google staat opname in hun kaartinhoud niet toe, uw kaarttype moet eerst gewijzigd worden.

Kaarttype wijzigen?
dialogWaitTitle Please wait Even wachten
dialogScreenshotPreparing Preparing screenshot… Schermafdruk wordt aangemaakt…
dialogLoginUsernameHint Username
dialogLoginPasswordHint Password
dialogCloudAccountDisconnectMessage Disconnect this account?
dialog_fenceguard_add_entries_0 Add fence Voeg afscherming toe
dialog_fenceguard_update_entries_0 Update fence Update afscherming
dialog_fenceguard_update_entries_1 Remove fence Verwijder afscherming
dialogTracksShareChoices_0 ZIPs (complete) ZIPs (compleet)
dialogTracksShareChoices_1 GPX only alleen GPX
mapLayerStreet Street Straat
mapLayerTerrain Terrain Terrein
mapLayerSatellite Satellite Sateliet
mapMarkerMyLocation My location Mijn locatie
mapMarkerStart Start Start
mapMarkerFinish Finish Bestemming
unitKm km km
unitKmh km/h km/h
unitMiles mi mi
unitMph mph mph
unitMinPerKm min/km min/km
unitMinPerKmShort /km /km
unitMinPerMile min/mi min/mi
unitMinPerMileShort /mi /mi
unitMSxS m/s² m/s²
unitFtSxS ft/s² ft/s²
unitMeterPerMin m/min m/min
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