Key English Dutch
batteryOptimizationToast Select Urban Biker from the list
bellRingAuto auto auto
buttonLater Later
buttonNewTrack Finish Beëindig
buttonResumeTrack Resume Hervat
buttonShow Show
buttonUnderstand I understand Ik begrijp het
cancel Cancel Annuleer
cautionTitle Caution Opgepast
chartsTitle Charts
cloudAccountsInfo Connecting to a cloud service makes it easier for you to upload and share your tracks with others.

We'll never post anything without your permission.
Connectie met een Cloud-service is het eenvoudiger de routes te uploaden en te delen met anderen.

Er wordt nooit iets geupload zonder uw toestemming.
cloudAccountsPowerUploadPolicy_0 Always (default) Altijd (standaard)
cloudAccountsPowerUploadPolicy_1 Upload power data only when power meter was used Uitsluitend uploaden na gebruik van de prestatiemeter
cloudAccountsPowerUploadPolicyTitle Power data upload policy Upload policy prestatiegegevens
cloudAccountsTitle Accounts Accounts
controlPanelEnergyParams Power/Energy parameters Vermogen / Instellingen
controlPanelLocationButton Location Locatie
controlPanelMapHideButtonSubtitle Click to hide the map
controlPanelMapHideButtonTitle Hide map
controlPanelMapSettingsButtonSubtitle Click for map options Klik om de kaart opties in te stellen
controlPanelMapSettingsButtonTitle Map options Kaart opties
controlPanelMapShowButtonSubtitle Click to show the map
controlPanelMapShowButtonTitle Show map
controlPanelScreenOrientation Screen orientation Schermrotatie
controlPanelScreenshotButtonSubtitle Click to share screenshot
controlPanelScreenshotButtonTitle Screenshot
controlPanelSensorsButtonSubtitle Click to manage sensors Klik om sensoren in te stellen
controlPanelSensorsButtonTitle Sensors Sensoren
controlPanelSoundAlarms Alarms Alarm
controlPanelSoundAutoBell Automatic bell Automatische bel


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