Key English Dutch
hereMapsFeatures 🔹 HERE maps
🔹 No ads
🔹 HERE kaarten
🔹 Geen advertenties
maptilerMapsFeatures 🔹 MapTiler maps
🔹 No ads
🔹 MapTiler kaarten
🔹 Advertentie vrij
subscriptionPerMonth %1$s /month %1$s /maand
subscriptionPer1y %1$s billed once in 12 months %1$s wordt éénmaal per 12 maanden gefactureerd
subscriptionPer6m %1$s billed once in 6 months %1$s wordt éénmaal per 6 maanden gefactureerd
subscriptionPer3m %1$s billed once in 3 months %1$s wordt éénmaal per 3 maanden gefactureerd
subscriptionPer1m %1$s billed once a month %1$s wordt éénmaal per maand gefactureerd
subscriptionPer1w %1$s billed once a week %1$s wordt éénmaal per week gefactureerd
paymentOnce One-time payment Eenmalige betaling
priceFree FREE Gratis versie
rewardedAdPriceFree FREE (valid for this session) Gratis versie (geldig voor deze sessie)
rewardedAdDescription Click here to watch an ad first Klik hier om eerst een advertentie te bekijken
rewardedAdLoading Loading ad… Advertentie word geladen…
rewardedLicenseSuccess License successfully awarded Licentie succesvol toegekend
priceLoading @string/loading
manageSubscriptions Manage subscriptions Beheer abonnementen
ok OK OK
yes Yes Ja
no No Nee
cancel Cancel Annuleer
buttonUnderstand I understand Ik begrijp het
buttonLater Later
buttonShow Show
na N/A Niet beschikbaar
loading Loading… Laden…
buttonResumeTrack Resume Hervat
buttonNewTrack Finish Beëindig
menuControlPanel Control Panel Controlepaneel
menuSettings Settings Instellingen
menuSummary Overview Live samenvatting
menuTracksHistory History Geschiedenis
Key English Dutch
infoMeterModeTemperatureTitle Temperature Temperatuur
infoMeterModeVerticalPowerMsg Power loss or gain while ascending or descending.

Negative means power gain (descending).

When in kcal/h or kJ/h, it also takes efficiency into account.
infoMeterModeVerticalPowerTitle Vertical Power
infoMeterModeVerticalSpeedMsg Speed in the up (positive) or down (negative) vertical direction.
infoMeterModeVerticalSpeedTitle Vertical Speed Verticale Snelheid
infoMeterModeWriggleMsg Measure of route deviation from a straight line, i.e. how much it fills the area instead of going straight. Lower is usually better.
infoMeterModeWriggleTitle Wriggle Kronkeling
licenseDialogMapsTab Maps Kaarten
licenseDialogProTab @string/proLicenseLabel
licenseDialogUltimateTab @string/ultimateLicenseLabel
licenseItemAlreadyOwned License item already owned
licenseSuccessDialogMessage The app was licensed successfully. Thank you for your support! De app is succesvol geactiveerd, Bedankt voor het ondersteunen van de app!
licenseSuccessDialogTitle @string/app_name
loading Loading… Laden…
locale en nl
manageSubscriptions Manage subscriptions Beheer abonnementen
mapboxMapsFeatures 🔹 Mapbox maps
🔹 No ads
🔹 Kaartenmap waarin alle kaarten worden weergegeven
🔹 Geen advertenties
mapboxMapsLabel Mapbox
mapLayerSatellite Satellite Sateliet
mapLayerStreet Street Straat
mapLayerTerrain Terrain Terrein
mapLayerTypes_0 @string/mapLayerStreet
mapLayerTypes_1 @string/mapLayerTerrain
mapLayerTypes_2 @string/mapLayerSatellite
mapMarkerFinish Finish Bestemming
mapMarkerMyLocation My location Mijn locatie
mapMarkerStart Start Start
maptilerMapsFeatures 🔹 MapTiler maps
🔹 No ads
🔹 MapTiler kaarten
🔹 Advertentie vrij
maptilerMapsLabel MapTiler
menuAbout About Over


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