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app_name Urban Biker Urban Biker
app_description Track and measure your rides with great accuracy. Increase your cycling safety and efficiency. Track en meet uw ritten met grote precisie. Vergroot uw fietsveiligheid en efficiency.
widget_1_description Biker: Bicycle Bell Fietser: Fietsbel
widget_2_description Biker: Bell + Flashlight Fietser: Bel + Zaklamp
widget_3_description Biker: Complete Fietser: Compleet
copyrightVersionInfo <b>v%1$s</b> (%2$s)
ultimateLicenseLabel Ultimate Ultime
proPlusLicenseLabel Pro+ Pro +
proLicenseLabel Pro Pro
licenseDialogUltimateTab @string/ultimateLicenseLabel
licenseDialogProTab @string/proLicenseLabel
licenseDialogMapsTab Maps Kaarten
thunderforestMapsLabel Thunderforest
mapboxMapsLabel Mapbox
hereMapsLabel HERE
maptilerMapsLabel MapTiler
ultimateLicenseTitle Ultimate License Ultimate Licentie
ultimateLicenseDescription Most powerful license for ultimate experience. Meest uitgebreide licentie voor de beste ervaringen.
ultimateLicenseFeatures 🔹 All maps
🔹 All features
🔹 No ads
🔹 Alle kaarten
🔹 Alle toepassingen
🔹 Geen advertenties
proPlusLicenseTitle Pro Plus License Pro Plus Licentie
proPlusLicenseDescription Remove ads and unlock all non-subscription features we may add in the future Verwijder advertenties en activeer alle in de toekomst toegevoegde toepassingen
proPlusLicenseFeatures 🔹 No ads
🔹 Extra donation
🔹 Geen advertenties
🔹 Extra donaties mogelijk/geen must
proLicenseTitle Pro License Pro Licentie
proLicenseDescription Remove ads Verwijder advertenties
proLicenseFeatures 🔹 No ads 🔹 Geen advertenties
thunderforestMapsFeatures 🔹 Thunderforest maps
🔹 No ads
🔹 Kaarten met actuele weersvoorspellingen
🔹 Geen advertenties
mapboxMapsFeatures 🔹 Mapbox maps
🔹 No ads
🔹 Kaartenmap waarin alle kaarten worden weergegeven
🔹 Geen advertenties
hereMapsFeatures 🔹 HERE maps
🔹 No ads
🔹 HERE kaarten
🔹 Geen advertenties
maptilerMapsFeatures 🔹 MapTiler maps
🔹 No ads
🔹 MapTiler kaarten
🔹 Advertentie vrij
subscriptionPerMonth %1$s /month %1$s /maand
Key English Dutch
dialogTrackUploadStravaIsCommute Commute Woon-werkverkeer
dialogTrackUploadUpdateButton Update Updaten
dialogTrackUploadWaitTitle Please wait Aub wachten
dialogWaitTitle Please wait Even wachten
disclaimerText1 This app is provided as is, and you use it at your own risk. We, the publisher, will not be held responsible for any mishap, loss of possession, injury or worse involving you or a third person, arising from app usage during a ride or otherwise.
disclaimerText2 Please use this app wisely and DO NOT operate it while driving a car, riding a motorbike, a bicycle, or any other vehicle.
disclaimerText3 Always keep your eyes on the road.
disclaimerTitle Disclaimer
durationHrMin %1$d:%2$02d
farFromHere Far from here Ver van hier
featureNotAvailable Sorry, the feature is not available on this device Sorry, deze functie is niet beschikbaar op dit apparaat
fence_name_default My Place Mijn huis
generalError Some error occurred. Please try again.
googleFitConnectButton Connect with Google Fit Met Google Fit verbinden
hereMapsFeatures 🔹 HERE maps
🔹 No ads
🔹 HERE kaarten
🔹 Geen advertenties
hereMapsLabel HERE
infoAutopauseForcedOff Note: Auto Pause forced to Off
infoAutopauseForcedRelaxed Note: Auto Pause forced to Relaxed
infoDigitalFilterNotice Please note: This can be delayed from the real time by a minute or so, due to inevitable digital filtering delays.
infoMeterModeAccelerationMsg Rate of change of speed in time.

Negative means deceleration.
Mate van snelheidsverandering.

Negatief betekent vertraging.
infoMeterModeAccelerationTitle Acceleration Versnelling
infoMeterModeAltitudeMsg Height above mean sea level (geoid).
infoMeterModeAltitudeTitle Altitude Hoogte
infoMeterModeAscentMsg Cumulative altitude gain (climb). Cumulatieve hoogtestijging (klimmen).
infoMeterModeAscentTitle Ascent Stijging
infoMeterModeAvgActivePowerMsg Average power exerted during activity, not counting time intervals where power was absent (downhill, braking, coasting).
infoMeterModeAvgActivePowerTitle Average Active Power
infoMeterModeCadenceMsg Number of revolutions of the crank per minute, i.e. pedalling rate.
infoMeterModeCadenceTitle Cadence
infoMeterModeClockMsg Current time of the day. Huidige tijd van de dag.


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