Key English Dutch
pref_category_tracking_gps_title Tracking / GPS Volgen / GPS
pref_category_tracking_charts_title Charts
pref_categoryPrivacyTitle Privacy
pref_categoryActivityRecognitionTitle Physical activity recognition
pref_category_bell_title Bell Bel
pref_category_roaring_title AVAS Attentiegeluiden
pref_category_roaringConstantMode_title Constant mode Constante modus
pref_category_effects_title Effects Effecten
pref_category_alarms_title Alarms Alarmen
pref_category_tallies_title Tallies Intervallen
pref_category_speech_title Speech Spraak
pref_category_select_title Select… Selecteer…
pref_category_fonts_title Font Lettertype
pref_category_buttons_title Buttons Knoppen
pref_category_meters_title Meters Meters
pref_group_meters_title Meters Meters
pref_group_meter_modes_title Meter modes Metermodi
pref_category_meter1_title Meter 1 Meter 1
pref_category_meter2_title Meter 2 Meter 2
pref_category_meter3_title Meter 3 Meter 3
pref_category_meter4_title Meter 4 Meter 4
pref_category_meter5_title Meter 5 Meter 5
pref_group_maps_title Maps Kaarten
pref_category_maps_online_mode_title Maps source Kaartenbron
pref_category_maps_offline_title Offline maps Offline kaarten
pref_group_maps_offline_title Offline maps settings… Instellingen offline kaarten…
pref_category_maps_offline_terrain_title Terrain Terrein
pref_category_maps_routes_title Guide routes Routegeleiding
pref_category_maps_track_title Track line Routelijn
pref_category_maps_weather_title Weather Weer
pref_category_hud_title HUD HUD
Key English Dutch
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_4 2 sec
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_5 3 sec
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_6 4 sec
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_7 5 sec
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_8 10 sec
pref_gps_update_freq_entries_9 15 sec
pref_gps_update_freq_summary @null
pref_gps_update_freq_title %1$s
pref_gpsInaccuracyIndicator_summary Indicates aging of the speed value, as it becomes more uncertain with time Wijst op veroudering van de snelheidswaarde daar deze na verloop van tijd steeds onzekerder wordt
pref_gpsInaccuracyIndicator_title Confidence indicator
pref_group_advanced_title Advanced… Gevorderd…
pref_group_flashlight_title Flashlight Zaklamp
pref_group_maps_offline_title Offline maps settings… Instellingen offline kaarten…
pref_group_maps_title Maps Kaarten
pref_group_meter_modes_title Meter modes Metermodi
pref_group_meters_title Meters Meters
pref_group_powermeter_title Power and Energy Vermogen en Energie
pref_group_units_title Units Eenheden
pref_haptic_feedback_intensity_summary @null
pref_haptic_feedback_intensity_title Vibration intensity Vribatie intensiteit
pref_haptic_feedback_summary @null
pref_haptic_feedback_title Vibrate on touch Vibreer bij aanraking
pref_hud_axis_dialog_title HUD mirror axis HUD spiegel as
pref_hud_axis_entries_0 Default — Statusbar at its natural position Standaard — Statusbalk op natuurlijke positie
pref_hud_axis_entries_1 Upside down — More practical device handling Ondersteboven — Praktischer apparaat bediening
pref_hud_axis_summary @null
pref_hud_axis_title HUD mirror axis HUD spiegel as
pref_locationProvider_modes_0 GPS subsystem GPS subsystem (standaard)
pref_locationProvider_modes_1 Google Play services Google Play services
pref_locationProvider_modes_explanation_0 (All profiles) Use GPS subsystem directly. Stable, less complex model, no middleman. May also use less resources than the other provider. (Alle profielen) Gebruik het GPS subsystem. Stabiel en minder complex. Zou ook minder middelen kunnen gebruiken dan de andere provider.
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