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aboutScreenFacebookLink Urban Biker on Facebook
aboutScreenTranslationsText Help translate this app and get a free license! More info:
aboutScreenTranslationsTitle Translations
aboutScreenWarmWelcome Hope you enjoy this app 😊
accountDisconnect Disconnect Verbreken
app_description Track and measure your rides with great accuracy. Increase your cycling safety and efficiency. Track en meet uw ritten met grote precisie. Vergroot uw fietsveiligheid en efficiency.
app_name Urban Biker Urban Biker
batteryOptimizationToast Select Urban Biker from the list
bellRingAuto auto auto
buttonLater Later
buttonNewTrack Finish Beëindig
buttonResumeTrack Resume Hervat
buttonShow Show
buttonUnderstand I understand Ik begrijp het
cancel Cancel Annuleer
cautionTitle Caution Opgepast
chartsTitle Charts
cloudAccountsInfo Connecting to a cloud service makes it easier for you to upload and share your tracks with others.

We'll never post anything without your permission.
Connectie met een Cloud-service is het eenvoudiger de routes te uploaden en te delen met anderen.

Er wordt nooit iets geupload zonder uw toestemming.
cloudAccountsPowerUploadPolicy_0 Always (default) Altijd (standaard)
cloudAccountsPowerUploadPolicy_1 Upload power data only when power meter was used Uitsluitend uploaden na gebruik van de prestatiemeter
cloudAccountsPowerUploadPolicyTitle Power data upload policy Upload policy prestatiegegevens
cloudAccountsTitle Accounts Accounts
controlPanelEnergyParams Power/Energy parameters Vermogen / Instellingen
controlPanelLocationButton Location Locatie


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