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speechUnitManyMiles Miles Milhas
speechUnitManyMinutes Minutes Minutos
speechUnitOneFeet Foot
speechUnitOneHour Hour Hora
speechUnitOneKilometer Kilometer Quilómetro
speechUnitOneLiterOfGasoline Liter of gasoline Litro de gasolina
speechUnitOneMeter Meter Metro
speechUnitOneMile Mile Milha
speechUnitOneMinute Minute Minuto
speechUnitThreeFeets Feet
speechUnitThreeHours Hours Horas
speechUnitThreeKilometers Kilometers Quilómetros
speechUnitThreeLitersOfGasoline Liters of gasoline Litros de gasolina
speechUnitThreeMeters Meters Metros
speechUnitThreeMiles Miles Milhas
speechUnitThreeMinutes Minutes Minutos
speechUnitTwoFeets Feet Pés
speechUnitTwoHours Hours Horas
speechUnitTwoKilometers Kilometers Quilómetros
speechUnitTwoLitersOfGasoline Liters of gasoline Litros de gasolina
speechUnitTwoMeters Meters Metros
speechUnitTwoMiles Miles Milhas
speechUnitTwoMinutes Minutes Minutos
stravaTrackPrivacyInfo Track will inherit default privacy you set on Strava O percurso herdará a privacidade padrão definida por si no Strava
subscriptionCancelInfo Cancel anytime in Subscriptions on Google Play. Cancele a qualquer momento em Assinaturas no Google Play.
subscriptionPer1m %1$s billed once a month %1$s cobrados uma vez por mês
subscriptionPer1w %1$s billed once a week %1$s cobrados uma vez por semana
subscriptionPer1y %1$s billed every 12 months %1$s cobrado a cada 12 meses
subscriptionPer3m %1$s billed every 3 months %1$s cobrado a cada 3 meses
subscriptionPer6m %1$s billed every 6 months %1$s cobrado a cada 6 meses
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Translated Urban Biker/Strings
Translated Urban Biker/Strings
Translated Urban Biker/Strings


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