Key English Romanian
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_1 50 MB
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_10 4 GB
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_11 5 GB
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_2 100 MB (default)
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_3 200 MB
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_4 300 MB
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_5 400 MB
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_6 500 MB
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_7 1 GB
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_8 2 GB
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_9 3 GB
prefMapDiskCacheSizeSummary When viewing a map, both online and offline, parts are being cached locally to reduce the need for repeated download or recreation. This speeds up map loading and saves battery. (All profiles)
prefMapDiskCacheSizeTitle Map cache size limit
prefMapGuideRouteColorTitle Guide route color
prefMapOfflineLayerButtonActionEntries_0 Switch theme Schimbă tema
prefMapOfflineLayerButtonActionEntries_1 Switch file Schimbă fișierul
prefMapOfflineLayerButtonActionEntries_2 None Nici unu
prefMapOnlineModeEntries_0 Online Online
prefMapOnlineModeEntries_1 Offline Offline
prefMapTrackColorTitle Track color
prefNotificationAlwaysSummary Show app notification icon in system status bar at all times, not only when tracking is active. Afișează iconița aplicației în bara de status system tot timpul, nu doar când urmărirea este activă.
prefNotificationAlwaysTitle Persistent notification Notificare persistentă
prefPressureSensorOffsetInfo This constant is added to pressure readouts and can be used to mitigate sensor bias, if present. Această constanță se adaugă la valorile barometrice și poate fi utilizată pentru a atenua părtinirea barometrului, dacă este prezentă
prefPressureSensorOffsetTitle Pressure offset Compensație barometru
prefProhibitLocationAlertInfo Location will never be turned on nor used during activity, so map will not be available.

Data will be acquired exclusively from other sensors where available (Power, Speed, Cadence, Heart rate, Steps, Environment).
prefProhibitLocationSummary Prevent GPS during activity
prefProhibitLocationTitle Do not use Location
prefTemperatureSensorDerivedSummary This device lacks ambient temperature sensor, but it can be derived using other sensors. Please read more in Help. Acest dispozitiv nu are senzor de temperatură ambientală, dar poate fi derivată folosind alți senzori. Citiți mai mult în secțiunea Ajutor.
prefTemperatureSensorDerivedTitle Use derived sensor Folosește senzor derivat
prefUnitsEnergyEntries_0 [kcal] [kcal]


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