Key English Romanian
meterModeTemperature temperature temperatură
meterModeTemperatureShort temp temp
meterModeVerticalPower vertical power putere verticală
meterModeVerticalPowerShort v pwr put v
meterModeWriggle wriggle Șerpuire
meterModeWriggleShort wrig bal
meterTextAvg avg med
meterTextMax max max
meterTextMin min min
meterTextTotal tot tot
na N/A
no No Nu
notificationTitle @string/app_name
notificationTitleAdvanced %1$s
notificationTitleAdvancedPaused Paused: %1$s Pauză: %1$s
ok OK OK
ongoingNotificationChannelDescription Providing control of the foreground service and easy access to the app Permite controlul serviciului de prim plan si acces ușor la aplicație
ongoingNotificationChannelName Ongoing notification Notificare continuă
openSourceLicensesTitle Open source licenses
paymentOnce One-time payment
pick_a_color Pick a color Selectare culoare
powerSourceWeight_0 Total
powerSourceWeight_1 Driver
powerSourceWeight_2 Vehicle
powerSourceWeight_3 Driver + Vehicle
powerSourceWeightInfo When translating power (watts) into specific power (watts per unit weight), a weight must be given.

This is usually the weight of the entity providing a driving force.

Note: Vertical power is always computed using Total weight.
powerSourceWeightTitle Power source weight
pref_above_lockscreen_summary App will remain visible even if the device is locked Aplicația va rămâne vizibilă chiar dacă aparatul este blocat
pref_above_lockscreen_title Keep above lockscreen Menține deasupra ecranului de blocare
pref_ads_mode_dialog_title Adverts type Tip reclame


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