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infoMeterModeVerticalPowerTitle Vertical Power Vertikálny výkon
infoMeterModeVerticalSpeedMsg Speed in the up (positive) or down (negative) vertical direction. Rýchlosť vo zvislom smere, hore kladná, dole záporná.
infoMeterModeVerticalSpeedTitle Vertical Speed Vertikálna rýchlosť
infoMeterModeVibrationsMsg Vibrations as measured with the device. Useful when the device is held fixed to a vehicle (e.g. on a bike handlebars), and not in a hand or in a pocket. Otrasy vyhodnocované pri pevnom uchytení zariadenia, nie vo vrecku alebo v ruke.
infoMeterModeVibrationsTitle Vibrations Otrasy
infoMeterModeWriggleMsg Measure of route deviation from a straight line, i.e. how much it fills the area instead of going straight. Lower is usually better. Meria odklon od priamej línie trasy.
infoMeterModeWriggleTitle Wriggle Kľukatosť
infoSpeedometerMsg Shows your current, maximum and average speed.

Stall indicator indicates when the speed value wasn't updated in a while and can't be trusted.

Pace indicator are small arrows near the speed value that show when the current speed is above or below the average speed.
Zobrazuje aktuálnu, maximálnu a priemernú rýchlosť.

Indikátor zaseknutia upozorňuje na neaktualizovanú hodnotu rýchlosti.

Indikátor tempa znázorňuje pomocou šípok stav aktuálnej rýchlosti vzhľadom na priemernú rýchlosť.
infoSpeedometerTitle Speedometer Rýchlomer
licenseDialogMapsTab Maps Mapy
licenseDialogProTab @string/proLicenseLabel
licenseDialogUltimateTab @string/ultimateLicenseLabel
licenseItemAlreadyOwned License item already owned Licencia už bola zakúpená
licenseSuccessDialogMessage The app was licensed successfully. Thank you for your support! Licencia bola úspešne pridelená. Vďaka za podporu.
licenseSuccessDialogTitle @string/app_name
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manageSubscriptions Manage subscriptions Spravovať registrácie
mapboxMapsFeatures 🔹 Mapbox maps
🔹 No ads
🔹 Mapy Mapbox
🔹 Žiadna reklama
mapboxMapsLabel Mapbox
mapLayerSatellite Satellite Satelit
mapLayerStreet Street Ulice
mapLayerTerrain Terrain Terén
mapLayerTypes_0 @string/mapLayerStreet
mapLayerTypes_1 @string/mapLayerTerrain
mapLayerTypes_2 @string/mapLayerSatellite
mapMarkerFinish Finish Koniec
mapMarkerMyLocation My location Moja poloha
mapMarkerStart Start Začiatok
maptilerMapsFeatures 🔹 MapTiler maps
🔹 No ads
🔹 Mapy MapTiler
🔹 Žiadna reklama
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