Key English Swedish
dialog_volume_alarms_text Alarms
dialog_volume_bell_text Bell Ringklocka
dialog_volume_effects_text Effects Effekter
dialog_volume_message Note: Use volume buttons on your device to adjust overall sound volume. OBS: Använd volymknapparna på din enhet för att justera ljudvolymen.
dialog_volume_roaring_text AVAS Rytande
dialog_volume_speech_text Speech
dialog_volume_tallies_text Tallies
dialogActivityRecognitionPermissionRequest Permission is needed so the app can use built-in sensors like Step Detector sensor.
dialogActivityRecognitionPermissionRequestTitle Physical activity permission
dialogAppOptimizedPromptMessage Urban Biker should be exempt from battery optimizations, otherwise it may not work properly.

Open Settings now?
dialogAppOptimizedPromptTitle Battery optimization
dialogBaroAltitudeNoticeMessage Barometric Altitude works only outdoors.

Please do not use it in closed or air-conditioned spaces like some vehicles and airplanes.
dialogBaroAltitudeNoticeTitle Notice
dialogBaroAltitudePromptMessage Barometric Altitude has been turned off forcibly due to discrepancy with GPS altitude!

Please do not use it in closed or air-conditioned spaces!
dialogBaroAltitudePromptTitle Barometric altitude problem
dialogButtonRateOnPlayStore Rate on Play Store
dialogCameraPermissionRequest Permission is needed so the app can activate the flashlight.
dialogCameraPermissionRequestTitle Camera permission
dialogChartDataTypesTitle Chart types
dialogCloudAccountDisconnectMessage Disconnect this account?
dialogEnergyParamsBmr Basal metabolic rate (BMR) Basalförbränning (BMR)
dialogEnergyParamsEfficiency Overall thermal efficiency (η)
dialogEnergyParamsTitle Energy parameters Energimätare
dialogFencesAdd Add fence here Lägg till ett stängsel här
dialogFencesEdit Edit fence Redigera stängsel
dialogFencesRemove Remove fence Ta bort stängsel
dialogFencesShowFences Show fences Visa stängsel
dialogFencesUpdate Update fence location Uppdatera stängselpositionen
dialogFileChooseSelectFolder Select this folder Välj denna mapp
dialogGoogleMapTermsViolation Google does not permit capturing contents of their maps, so map type must first be changed to any other.

Change map type now?


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