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dialogMapsDownloadTitle Offline maps download 下載離線地圖
dialogMapsFollowMode Follow 跟隨
dialogMapsHighResolution Hi-res map 高解析地圖
dialogMapsLayerTraffic Traffic 路況
dialogMapsMapCount %1$s maps
dialogMapsOffline Offline maps 離線地圖
dialogMapsRenderTerrain Render terrain 渲染地形
dialogMapsShowFences Fences 圍欄
dialogMapsShowRoutes Guide routes 路況導航
dialogMapsTerrainDownloadTitle Terrain download
dialogMapsTrackColor Track hue: 追蹤色調:
dialogMapsTrackColorAltitude @string/infoMeterModeAltitudeTitle
dialogMapsTrackColorCadence @string/infoMeterModeCadenceTitle
dialogMapsTrackColorDuration @string/infoMeterModeDurationTitle
dialogMapsTrackColorElapsed @string/summaryTotalTime
dialogMapsTrackColorHeartRate @string/infoMeterModeHeartRateTitle
dialogMapsTrackColorPace @string/infoMeterModePaceTitle
dialogMapsTrackColorSlope @string/infoMeterModeSlopeTitle
dialogMapsTrackColorSpeed @string/infoMeterModeSpeedTitle
dialogMapsTrackColorTemperature @string/infoMeterModeTemperatureTitle
dialogMapsWeatherRadar Precipitation radar 降水雷達
dialogMeterModesTitle Choose available modes
dialogOfflineMapsChooseMessage Map file not found or is not accessible. Choose some other maps file/folder now?
dialogOfflineMapsChooseTitle Offline maps problem
dialogOfflineMapsFolderCopyMessage Selected content must be copied to the app-specific maps folder in order to be used.

Do this now?
dialogOfflineMapsFolderCopyTitle Copy to maps folder
dialogOpenRainviewerText Open web page now?
dialogPermissionProblemMessage This permission is needed for the app to function properly. It can be granted in the App permissions settings page.

Go there now?
dialogPowerParamsDragArea Air drag area (Cd·A)
dialogPowerParamsRollResist Rolling resistance coef. (Cᵣᵣ)


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